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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spotlight: Black Rayne Scarlet Moon by Yvonne Nicolas

Black Rayne
Scarlet Moon
Yvonne Nicolas

After learning of her true nature, Sharayna “Rayne” Piers has been plunged into a world of darkness, and stripped of her humanity. Half angel and half demon vampire, she is the mythical Dragon Queen, a birthright she finds difficult to accept. She struggles with the dual side of her psyche, good and evil, and the growing urge to sate her unnatural hunger for human blood. 

Lucius, the powerful spawn of Satan has risen from hell and released his demons to scour the earthly realm in search of the Dragon Queen. He’s determined to claim her as his mate and use her blood to overthrow his father, so he can take command of the seven levels of hell. And he will stop at nothing to get her. 

As Rayne’s protector, Demetri Bithanos fights to prevent the master demon from claiming his Queen. As her consort, he struggles with his aching need to be loved by her. But the dark lust of her vampiric nature reaches for the creature who desires to use her blood to fulfill his evil ambitions. 

Can Demetri destroy Lucius before Rayne embraces the dark forces growing within her?


Trembling, Demetri released his hold on her. “Sharayna, what are we doing?”

Blue-green orbs melted through the lifeless puddles of black in his eyes. The dancing flames along the ceiling died down until there was no light left in the room. The glare from the full moon peeked from the opening in the curtains and veiled their bodies in red.

Demetri took in several long shuddering breaths like it was his first time drawing in air.

Unconsciously, she did the same. For the longest, they stared at one another, not saying a word.

He pressed his forehead to hers, released her leg and wrapped his arms around her. “What are we doing?” he asked again on a harsh whisper.

“I don’t know.” She curled her fingers around his biceps and slid a hand up over the bunched muscles in his shoulders. “What I said before…baby, you know I didn’t mean that, right? I, I don’t know why I said those things, or why I picked a stupid fight with you.”

He lifted his head and gazed at her with sadness in his eyes. His full lips quivered. “The blood. It has possession over us.”

Chills crept beneath her flesh. Lucius. His blood had fueled anger between them, preyed on her fears and doubts in an attempt to tear them apart. And he almost succeeded.

Damn, the things she said… Her heart lurched. “Demetri…”

All the pain he felt for what had just happen spilled from his gaze. He turned his head away and pushed up off her.

His beefy member exited her body. Her sensitive walls clenched in need for him.

He got to his feet and adjusted his pants. “Sweetheart, I don’t know if I can―”

Rayne shot up from the nest of pillows and pounced on him like a cat. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and then slammed him onto the pillows, using her own body weight to bring him down.

In a swift response, he flung her onto her back, pinned her arms out to her sides and straddled her. She erupted into a fit of giggles at the shocked look on his face.

“What is this?” His eyes were as wide as saucers. “Why did you do that?”

“I dunnooo,” she chortled, tears filling her eyes.

“Are you mad, Sharayna?” His gorgeous visage twisted into a scowl. “After what just occurred, you want to rough house with me?”

“I’m buggin’ out here.” Delirious laughter turned into panting sobs. “I’m scared outta my damn mind, D. You see this craziness? He got us trippin’ on each other and he’s not even here!” Her voice lowered to a shaky whisper. “What if we don’t snap out of it next time? What if we really hurt each other?”

He released her arms, pushed up, and nestled his torso between her thighs. “Ohh, sweetheart…” With his head buried in the cleft of her breasts, he dug his hands into the bundle of pillows beneath her and hugged her waist, his body hot and heavy on top of hers. He huffed out a weary sigh. “This is not the end. He has not bested us.”

She slipped trembling fingers into his hair and softly kneaded his scalp. “How do you fight what’s apart of you?” Tears bubbled from the corners of her eyes and trickled down her face. “How do you resist what’s in your blood?”

“Remember we are not only connected by lust.” He lifted up, took her hand and placed her palm to his chest. His heartbeat and warmth radiated through her touch. “We will get through this, Sharayna.”

“I don’t see how when he can―”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yeah baby, you know I do,” she whimpered.

Working the gown up her body, he pulled her further down beneath him until his long hardened cock rested along her nether lips. She moaned out a sigh and locked her legs around him. He pulled the bunched fabric over her head, tossed it aside and buried his face in the crook of her neck. Her body hummed in response.

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