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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guest Post: Harry Blue, author of Hot Vegas

Hot Vegas
Harry Blue

‘Soft Lips’ Prudence checks her lottery ticket in bed, and the noise she makes takes Jeff ‘Sex Machine’s attention away from the soccer results. Fulham have drawn again. They celebrate by making love, and then it’s off to Las Vegas first class for the holiday of a lifetime. Luxury all the way. But Jeff is mistaken for an Australian mobster, as they make love in a hotel lift, and a private box in a theatre, and their own intimate pool, and....Pop stars, the Mafia, and the FBI are all involved as we tour the gambling capital of the world, culminating in the biggest black jack gambling tournament to be held off the famous Strip.
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Sometimes it easy to write, sometimes it’s not
By Harry Blue

But where it’s not so easy is to write outside of your usual genre. When we start writing, most writers keep to their comfort area, not wanting to stray away from their usual topics, or style of writing. Me, I try to be adaptable, hence writing erotica.

I have found writing erotica really easy, because I love sex. My old dad who died quite a few years ago had lady friends very soon after mum died at the age of seventy, so there’s hope for me to maintain my love of sex to quite a ripe age. But it’s all well and good doing it, it’s even better to be able to write about it as well. Fortunately my descriptive powers are strong, with an imagination to match, because some of the things that I write about are impossible for people of my age, but very feasible for the more active generation. So I have the best of both worlds, the ability to have previously physically coped with the vast majority of the situations, as well as the ability to write about them, combining into a full length novel.

This involves a couple in a long-standing relationship winning a sizeable sum on the lottery. I didn’t want them to win too much, because if they become popular with readers, then I want to be able to write about more adventures that are in the realms of reality, rather than fantasy. Let’s face it, it’s great to read about a couple fucking themselves silly in a holiday destination, but then when they return to their mundane we want to be able to believe the story, as well as enjoy the sex with them.

They go to Vegas on a holiday of a lifetime, with Prudence buying all the outfits she needs to feel and be sexy in the gambling capitol of the world. She buys wonderful smells to get him going, but sometime during the journey goes combat, so as soon as they are ensconced in their penthouse suite she is able to easily take his huge erection as in the background the sun goes down over the desert. Romantic sex.

Jeff has been keen on an Australian rock band for years, and they are playing in a hotel on the Strip. The concierge at Caesars Palace Hotel books them a private box, where Prudence takes Jeff’s prick as only the band can see. Up and down goes her mouth to the insistent drummer’s beat.

They have sex in a lot of locations, Jeff is always ready for more, but he gets confused for a courier with the gang. The Mafia are after Jeff, the FBI are supposed to be there to protect him, but do a useless job because he’s captured, and held at the Grand Canyon. Does he survive? Of course he does, as they both end up at the biggest jackpot blackjack tournament ever seen off the Strip. Do they win? You’ll have to read the book the find out. But they certainly win lots of money during they stay. Lucky couple.

I am writing a series of ‘Hot’ books. The next is Hot Hits, which features a 28 year old blonde contract hit woman. But it starts with our hero, Roger, looking after his parent’s small hotel while they are away. He’s making the beds, wearing only shorts and t-shirt because he’s getting hot and sweaty, but makes the basic error – enters a guest’s bedroom without knocking. She’s a cougar coming out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. That soon falls to the floor, with the whole of the first chapter devoted to her giving him the benefit of her ‘experience’.

I’ve already started book number three – Hot MILF.

In His Own Words...I write under the name Harry Blue, because that’s what I write – Blue.It’s all romantic, full blown, one on one sex, with a good story to go with the erotica. A hero, a heroine, danger, suspense, everything’s in my books, all starting with the word Hot.The reality is that I am a happily married man in my mid 60s, one daughter, three grand daughters, living on the south coast, dealing in antiques and a sight-seeing guide when I am not writing erotic novels.
I have been writing for thirty years, mainly comedy, so you can find out a lot more about me on