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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: One Night Stand by Parker Kincade

Title: One Night Stand
Series: Book One, The Martin Family
Author: Parker Kincade
Published: August 2012, Liquid Silver Books
Format: Ebook provided by Sizzling PR for purpose of review

Amanda Martin has the worst taste in men. After being cheated on not once, but twice, she’s lost all faith in men … and in herself. Determined to regain her confidence, Amanda decides to have a one-night stand. No relationship, no promises, no threat of being hurt again … just sex. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting a handsome-as-sin stranger who will give her pleasure unlike any she’s ever known.

Joe Sterling has spent his life avoiding relationships, his former job as a military sniper not allowing for such commitments. Now he’s come home to Texas, to let go of the past and to prove he is more than the killer he’s been trained to be.

When Amanda’s life is threatened, Joe’s killer instinct is tested while Amanda struggles to protect her heart. Will they succumb to their overwhelming desire for each other, or lose it all by letting the past dictate their future?

If you like erotic romance, then you need to read Parker Kincade’s One Night Stand.  Seriously, this story was just fantastic.  I thought about quitting my job so that I could get home quicker to read more of the book.  I also got a chance to connect with Parker on Twitter (read: I’m a stalker) and there are three more upcoming books in the series!  She told me which one is next, but I’m not telling you until you read this one.  Parker was very nice and I hope to get to know (stalk) her more in the future.  I will probably also bug her until the next book comes out.  Seriously, this story was that great.   Oh wait, you probably want me to talk about that?  Sheesh!

Ok, this story is about Amanda, and she has just been cheated on again.  Her BFF, Sam, convinces her that was she needs is a one night stand to get her fires burning again.  After a little bit of debate Amanda heads off to a hole in the wall bar in Texas in search of just that.  The scene is not exactly what she pictured, and she is about to leave when Joe Sterling (my new book boyfriend, so back off) enters the scene.  Holy Hotness Batman!  Joe has got it going on.  Tall, dark, sexy, a bit of a bad boy, and able to clear a woman’s head of any rational thought with just once burning stare.

“A voice, low and full of menace, drifted from behind her just seconds before she felt him.  Well, not so much felt as sensed.  Like a rabbit would sense it was about to become coyote kibble.”

Joe is “over six feet of powerful male”.  Just like I like em’! Jet black hair, blue eyes, and built like a mofo.  And on top of that he is a straight shooting good guy.  He isn’t playing games, and he stands up for the things he believes in.  He’s a bit domineering, a great sense of humor, and a libido to rival any leading man. Am I gushing?  Well, read the book and find out why!! Sheesh, again!

Wait a minute, I’m sensing a trend that my review is mostly about Joe.  Ok, let me try to pry my imagination and brain free from him to tell you about the rest of the story.  So Amanda meets Joe and sparks fly.  But sparks is putting it lightly.  More like the biggest show of Independence Day fireworks you’ve ever seen.  And one night stand turns into several days. And those days are filled with some hot and steamy scenes that are just delicious.  And then there is the addition of Amanda’s older brothers, who are a lively bunch.  You instantly fall in love with her family and can see why they are so tight.  And we can’t forget her friend Sam, to whom there is so much more than meets the eye.  I look forward to getting to know her more in upcoming books because she seems like much more than a handful with a heart of platinum.

This story has a lot of fun in it.  You can tell that Parker Kincade has a great sense of humor because her writing shows it.  Amanda is quite cute; her mouth keeps talking with no attachment to her brain.  She is definitely one of those women whose mouth gets her into trouble one way or another.  And then there are a few dramatic scenes that will definitely get your heart pumping.  Pretty much I can guarantee that Parker Kincade has a new and loyal fan in me. Her writing is fantastic, and I am not-so-patiently waiting for more.

Ok, one more quote about Joe.

“The dominance that bled from his voice made her stomach clench.”

Seriously, don’t we all want a man like that?  Heck, I know I do!

In Her Own Words...

I live in a small town in the South and am surrounded by the best friends a girl could ask for, as well as a family who supports my writing habit without hesitation.

When I’m not sitting at my laptop desperately trying to shush the voices in my head, I usually have my nose stuck in a book or have loud music playing while I create a fun new recipe in the kitchen. No matter what I’m doing, I’m usually flanked by my Boxer, who I absolutely adore.
I’ve been writing since I was a young girl. My beloved stepmother, who always said I was a hopeless romantic, introduced me to romance novels when I was in my early teens.  I remember that first book, which I still read once a year, and I think every man I have ever met has been measured, in some form or fashion, with the hero from that story.

That’s the power of a good romance. It turns us on, makes us laugh, makes us cry…it feeds our soul.
Oh, how the times have changed from those early swashbucklers!  Nowadays, bookstores are full with an abundance of alpha males and the women who can stand toe-to-toe with them and take them down.  And I love every gun-toting sword-wielding sports playing DNA altered vampire shape-shifting demon on the shelf.
I’ll admit I’m a huge book junkie. At my house, deciding what I’m going to read next is a little like shopping at the bookstore! So many to choose from, and I just keep buying them.

Some of my favorite authors, in no particular order, are Lora Leigh, Lorelei James, Larissa Ione, Maya Banks, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, and Sherrilyn Kenyon . . . just to name a few!