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Monday, September 3, 2012

Giveaway/Excerpt/Guest Post: Switching The Control by Victoria Blisse

Switching The Control
Victoria Blisse

Take away the control and what do you have left? Desire.

Melissa is smart, confident and head strong. She has her dream career and is a step away from becoming a partner at Grimly and Vimes.  Richard ruins her perfect plan when he uncovers a serious indiscretion in her past and forces her to be his office sex slave for a week in return for his silence.

But Melissa finds out that she enjoys being told what to do. She craves punishment and adores to be put in her place and Richard does it so perfectly. It was not in her plan to fall in love but how will she cope when it happens anyway?

Reader Advisory: This story contains black mail, forced acts of submission and elements of dubious consent.

By: Victoria Blisse
A huge theme in this story is power. Both Melissa and Richard are powerful people. They’re  highly respected in their jobs and are both seeking to gain the highest rung in their corporate ladder. Sadly there’s only room for one on that rung.

I had a lot of fun playing with these two top cats. Melissa has all she could ever desire in her job and in a monetary sense but she is lonely and finds out through the story that Richard is too. By making Melissa submit to Richard it brings her to question certain elements of her personality that she’s tried to hide away before. She has to come to terms with the fact that to take orders from a master like figure turns her on.
The intriguing thing is, that she is more in control when she takes that part of submissive then when she rebels against it. Interesting thing, power. It can’t be taken away from you, you have to give it and I think this is what Melissa discovers.

So how do you feel about power? Do you enjoy reading about people losing control and trying to gain it?

Here’s a snippet from Switching the Control  which shows how the power play begins!

“Well, what do you want then, you bastard? Come on, stop playing games,” I snapped. The cool exterior I’d held until that moment melted away as the anger and worry bubbled away inside.

“I want you.”

“Oh, come on,” I huffed and shook my head. “Now you’re taking the piss.”

“No, I’m quite serious. From the first day I started working here I wanted to tame you. I’ve heard the rumours, seen the cold, calm aura you project and I’ve wanted to crack it to get inside you and make you mine.”

Words wouldn’t come. My mouth dropped open a fraction, my eyes widened, but as much as I wanted to defend myself I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure if I was offended or turned on.

He fixed me with his gaze and continued, “So here is what I propose. I will destroy these documents, all the physical and digital copies I have of them. I’ll keep my silence on the subject in exchange for one week of your life.”

“I can’t give you a week of my life.” I tutted, shook my head and struggled to regain some kind of control.

“No, but you can be mine completely for seven days.”

“Erm, no.”

“Then say goodbye to your job and your career because something like this won’t stay inside the company. Every investment company in London will think twice about hiring you. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if every major employer in the field globally gave you a wide berth. Lying and getting yourself kicked out of Grimly and Vimes is going to ruin your reputation. Do you have something to fall back on, a new career path you’d like to take?”

“I am not going to let you destroy everything I’ve worked so hard for, you bastard.”

“Then you need to agree to be mine for a week. Your time, your thoughts, your body, everything.”

“What…? Wait…what?” I shook my head. “Are you saying you want me to be your slave?”

“If that’s the label you like to use, yes.” He nodded, his eyebrow arched and his top lip quirked. I assumed he was trying to hold back his mirth. Bastard.

“I’m no one’s slave and I sure as hell don’t want to be yours.” I couldn’t get my mind around it. If Richard wanted me to be his slave it must have meant that he was attracted to me in some way. I wasn’t sure which revelation was more surprising.

“Look, Melissa, I’m giving you a chance to save your career. You either take it or you don’t. It is as simple as that.”

The silence clung to me and I stared at him. I knew there was always a way I could turn a situation to my advantage, a chink in the argument or an overlooked opportunity to exploit. But I couldn’t find it there. I could have called his bluff but then it would’ve come down to his word against mine, and I had yet to meet a guy who was willing to side with the opposite sex when push came to shove.

“Fine but I’m not doing anything I’m not happy with.”

“Oh, no, my pet, I’d never make you do anything I knew you wouldn’t enjoy.” His smug smile lit up his face and made my stomach churn.

“How can I be sure of that?”

“Safe word, doll. It’s how all the kinky ones do it. You say the word ‘portfolio’ and I stop whatever it is I’m doing to you or making you do.”

It didn’t surprise me that he knew what the kinky ones did. I don’t think I even knew the meaning of the words. I’d certainly never experienced anything wilder than missionary position sex. It seemed Richard had much more planned for me.

“How can I know you’ll keep your word?”

“Melissa, come on, you know you can trust me. I have billions of pounds at my fingertips and I am trusted to look after every penny.”

“So am I!” I retorted without thinking. He made me impulsive and I hated it.

“Yes, well, quite. What I’m saying is that my word is all you’re going to get and my word is all you need, okay?”

I reluctantly nodded. I’d been backed into a corner and there was no way out. I was going to have to suck it up and endure the next week then steal the spot on the board from his grasp. Hopefully I’d ruin his career in the process. Yes, vindictive but no more than the sod deserved.


“Good. Now to be sure that we have an understanding get down on your knees and crawl over here.”


“No, no, no. It’s pardon, not what.”

“Pardon?” I growled. This guy was really pressing my buttons and not in the good way.

“Look, you’re mine. You do what I tell you to first time or there will be consequences. I’m giving you this one because I’m a nice guy and you’re not used to this. The next time you defy me there will be punishment.”

Why did his stern look and promise of chastisement make my pussy clench? I didn’t know, but it did and so I slid off my chair and onto my knees. At least his room was carpeted so I sank into the deep shag pile and deeper into this crazy game. I just wished that I knew the fucking rules. I was on edge. I could feel a bead of sweat resting in the dimple above the centre of my top lip, my skin felt like it’d been pulled tighter across my flesh, everything inside felt cramped and constricted.

“Come on, pet, I’m waiting.”

 Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City.
She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.


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Thank you so much to Victoria for the fabulous post and being here today!  
Readers, Victoria Blisse is absolutely one of my new favorite authors I've read this past year so I hope you will enjoy her work as much as I do!  Good luck on the giveaway!