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Thursday, October 4, 2012

On The Edge and Shades of Pink with Kallysten

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for the entire month I am running a special event with weekly giveaways, a fundraiser, and a big giveaway at the end of the month. I am hoping that by drawing readers to the giveaways and information on my site, they will decide to join in and participate in the fundraiser starting with as little as one dollar.

My giveaway this week includes swag, beaded ‘pink ribbon’ bookmarks, as well as paperbacks. I’m giving away a paperback that’s a collection of my freebies, and another that gathers several stories from my series ‘On The Edge’.

On The Edge is a dancing club in which humans who are curious about vampires and vampires who feed from humans without killing come to mingle. The club is owned by a human, Brett. When we first meet him in the story ‘On The Edge’, which was the first one I wrote, he lives in the loft above the club with a vampire, Lisa, who is his business partner and lover. In that first story, she invites an old friend and lover of hers, Leo, to join them upstairs, and what is only one night of pleasure in ‘On The Edge’ becomes a full relationship in the sequel ‘Over The Edge’. Brett now has two vampire lovers to keep his nights… interesting!

From the beginning, Brett and Lisa had agreed they would not be monogamous, although in effect she is the only one taking advantage of it when she sometimes follows her prey home. The same agreement goes for Leo, although he and Brett strike a bargain in ‘Walking The Edge’: Leo can have one-night stands, but only if Brett agrees first on any given night.

Their relationship evolves with time, and eventually Brett offers his partners rings; he can’t legally marry a vampire, let alone two, but in the short story ‘Fifth Vision of Destiny’ he wants to prove his love to them in this very symbolic way.

These four stories are part of the paperback up for grabs this week, Tales from The Edge, but there is still more to discover about this ménage. This summer, I released a prequel, ‘Before The Edge’, which shows how Brett and Lisa met. And early in 2013, I will release a sequel, ‘Beyond The Edge’, that will push this relationship to its breaking point… and maybe beyond.

If any of this sounds appealing, I invite you to stop by my site to check out excerpts of these stories, and participate in my giveaway (and maybe even fundraiser?).

The ‘On The Edge’ series can be found here, and my Shades of Pink event is behind this link.
Thank you for reading!


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Thank you so much, Kallysten, for the guest post!  Good luck everyone with the Shades of Pink giveaway (there is a Rafflecopter on the Shades of Pink page, click the banner or link above to enter)!