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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Double Vision by Cassandra Carr

Title: Double Vision
Series: Buffalo Intimidators #3
Author: Cassandra Carr
Published: 2012 Siren Bookstrand
Format: Ebook provided for review

Everything Red knew about relationships is called into question when he stumbles upon his roommate Fredrik and his girlfriend Liz going at it hot and heavy and Liz invites him to join them. Struggling with recovering from a knee injury, the young defenseman doesn't know what to make of his attraction to Liz--after all, she's his teammate's woman, right?

As an older player, Fredrik's been around the rink a time or ten, and he knows he has an awesome thing going with Liz. He envisions a future with her, but isn't sure how their interludes with Red fit into the long-term picture. 

Liz thinks Fredrik's her forever-guy, but her sudden attraction to Red is causing doubts. The more they play together in the bedroom, the more their outside lives--and emotions-- become entangled. When the unthinkable happens, all three must take a hard look at what they want and make some surprising decisions in the process.

I’ve read (and loved) a bunch of books by Cassandra Carr.  Double Vision is no different in that regard.  However, the content was a bit different.  And I barely took any notes because I just couldn’t put the book down, so bear with me here…

Red is a young guy on the Buffalo Intimidators hockey team.  He’s red-headed (hence the name) and about 6’4”.  He’s roomies with Fredrik, who is about 15 years older and described as a blond haired, blued eyed Nordic god.  So right off the bat we are off to a terrific start.  The woman in this equation is named Liz (yay!) and she is dating Fredrik.  Liz (yay!) and Fredrik have been discussing finding a third to have a ménage relationship.  Several other couples on the team have ménage relationships and it is working wonderfully for them.  If you don’t believe me, you can read their books!

Liz (yay!) has Red in mind.  Every time she sees him she gets horny.  But even aside from that, he is a good guy.  Red is polite, funny, intelligent, and athletic.  He’s just about perfect.  Well, aside from the fact that he can’t seem to wrap his red head around the fact that a ménage relationship is not wrong.  In fact, he nearly drives her (and me) crazy with his flip flopping back and forth.

At first I thought it was a bit refreshing, a nice change of pace, to have someone who didn’t just jump into a ménage full force.  I found it even more refreshing since it was a young guy who was dragging his feet.  But his insecurity and old fashioned ingrained sense of being began to wear on me a little bit.  See, because Red actually wanted this.  He wanted to be with Liz, and Fredrik is his best friend, so it was a like a natural progression.  His own natural instincts were at war with what he “thought” was right and wrong.  And then his doubts cause Liz doubts, and it turns into a big doubt fest with big ol’ Fredrik sittin pretty in the middle.  But even with his doubts, it didn't overshadow the story for me.  I still loved getting to know these new characters on the team, and loved watching them grow to love each other.

The sex scenes were very hot in this story, very much up to par with Cassandra Carr’s usual work.  She definitely did not let me down this time.  The storyline was very much centered around the attraction between the three for most of the book, with a few sidesteps here and there.  All in all, while not my favorite book by this author, I still felt it was a really hot story, and a great addition to the Buffalo Intimidators series! 

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