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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Raven In The Grave by Rae Hachton

Title: Raven in the Grave
Series: Pretty In Black, #3
Author: Rae Hachton
Published: 2013 Teen Pulse
Format: ebook provided by author for review

Nevermore Will Never Be The Same

Marcus is back, and he's ready to fight. 

Forced to Kill, His Thirst takes Over. He wants Ellie, and he wants the Throne. He Won't stop until he can...

Rule The Darkness

This is the third book in the Pretty in Black series.  If you’ve not read this series, you should catch up and do so.  As before, Rae writes with such beauty.  Many of the passages are just beautifully orchestrated, nearly poetic in their own way.  Her style of writing definitely lends itself to the Gothic romance nature of the story.

If you are new to this series, Marcus is an Evermore, which is like a vampire who is evolved and doesn’t need blood to survive.  They live in the land of Nevermore, which is magical in itself.  Ellie is half-evermore, and also half hunter. They are in love and have many obstacles to overcome before they can really be together.

In this book we switch from Marcus and Walter’s point of view, which I really enjoyed.   Of course I like Marcus as the main male character, and the one that Ellie loves.  But I also really love getting to know Walter a bit more.  If you haven’t read the series before, you’ll be excited to know that Walter is a gargoyle!  You get a chapter or two of Marcus, and then a chapter or two of Walter.

This addition to the series honestly was not my favorite.  I did enjoy the storyline quite a bit, though.  But this one moved along at a slower pace.  I also felt like there was a lot of repetition.  It seemed like the characters were saying the same things over and over to each other.  It got to be a bit much for me.   And like in the previous book, there are sections are very steampunk-ish, which is definitely not one of my favorite genres.  But if you do like it, then you will definitely enjoy seeing it in this story.

The characters are fantastic in this story, and I really enjoyed seeing them grow a bit more.  They definitely have their fair share of drama to get past in this book, that’s for sure.  But there were a couple situations and some loose ends that I was very happy to see resolved.  And the overall arc to the story grew at a steady pace.

If you are into YA gothic romance, or vampires and want a twist on the whole vampire legend, then this is a good series for you.  The writing is beautiful, you can really just get lost in that aspect alone.  This addition to the series covers a lot of history, but you definitely get some answers by the end, which is always much appreciated.

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