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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review/Giveaway: Locked SV Richard

Title: Locked
Author: SV Richard
Published: 2012, Wild Child Publishing
Format: Ebook provided for review

Tristan’s old home old home is not what it appears, and her friends have no idea what this visit will turn into. When the room Tristan’s mother always kept locked is opened, chaos breaks loose. One by one, they are locked away.

Will anyone survive?

This story starts out every bit the classic horror movie.  Four friends, deserted road that leads to a deserted house.  It was terrific, and I only felt like I should turn out the lights and grab some popcorn to enjoy the ride.  But I don’t have a Kindle Paper White, so that is not an option! (haha!)

Tristan, Jen, Wes, and Todd are going to Tristan’s old home because she needs to locate the deed to the property.  She has inherited the home, but can’t take full possession until she has the necessary paperwork.  Unfortunately for them, they can’t find it anywhere.

Then things quickly take a wrong turn.

Someone gets locked in a small space, the door to the outside world won’t budge.  And that is only the beginning.  There is definitely some fear inducing, pulse pounding moments in this story.  I started to rethink my decision about reading this book at night time.  But I kept on for you guys, my readers!  Yep, so if I need some therapy later, just remember, “That Liz sure is dedicated to her blog!”

I had relatively few complaints about this book.  There is some seriously eerie stuff that happens.  But, and this is with any horror story, I wanted to scream, “Why are you doing that?!?!” You know how it goes, the scantily clad coed runs inside the haunted house rather than staying out in the open.  Well, there were no scantily clad coeds in this book, but the first rule of horror is “Stay Together”.  Ok, maybe that’s not what Jamie Kennedy (from Scream fame) would say, but I think it’s a pretty damn good rule.   One that no one ever listens to!  In any case, this book was scary!  It is the perfect Halloween treat!

This book did leave me with some unanswered questions, but that’s the beauty of true horror.  You don’t always get the answer.  Afterall, you have to leave room for the sequel. (Pretend there is eerie closing music here, people!)



After studying special education in graduate school, S. V. Richard became interested in writing for children and adults. She has published over 27 ebooks for children and teachers. LOCKED is her first young adult ebook. LOCKED was originally written as a low budget screenplay with four characters and one location, but it found a home as a short story through Wild Child Publishing. LOCKED II is coming soon and will pick up where LOCKED left off.

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