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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review/Giveway: Diamonds by Dawn Chartier

Title: Diamonds
Stiletto Millionaire Club
Author: Dawn Chartier
Published: January 18th 2012 by Siren BookStrand
Format: Ebook received from author for review

Self-made millionaire Holly Charleston has come a long way since her homeless days. Sometimes, she believes life would have been simpler before fortune and fame. With every man she meets imagining dollar signs, she yearns for the one man who sees the real Holly. A mysterious wealthy stranger may be the one, but she must control her sexsomnia and trust issues if she hopes for a real chance at love.

Professional thief Drake Davenport is ready to begin an honest life. However, his last assignment leads him to steal the heart diamond necklace from a woman known as Ms. Frost. But Holly guards her heart close and her assets closer. Once Holly thaws to Drake's seduction attempts, he finds himself in a position of protecting her from a hired mercenary or living the life he believes he earned. Drake realizes the challenge of stealing the diamond is nothing compared to the challenge of stealing Holly's heart.

Ladies, what is it about black hair and blue eyes on a gorgeous man than can stop us in our tracks?  That deep voice? The chiseled muscles? Really, it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?  *sigh*  No, it doesn't.  Meet Drake, Drake Davenport.

“The handsome man spoke on his cell phone and laughed.  The sound hypnotized her.  Their gazes locked, and the air in her lungs vaporized.”

Drake Davenport is that man.  He’s mysterious, and obviously wealthy.  And he has his eye on Holly.  He starts a little cat and mouse game with her.  But he is a deceptive man.  Not exactly the kind of man a wealthy woman should entertain thoughts of.  But of course, Holly doesn’t know that.

Holly is a self-made millionaire, she came from nearly nothing.  One day while having lunch with her best girl friends she catches site of a man like she has never seen before.  She is captivated.

Overall, this story was pretty good.  I did struggle with the fact that Drake was a thief, and he planned to steal from Holly, and lied to her about everything.  This was something that was very forthcoming to the reader.  I kind of felt like I didn’t get a chance to know the good side of him before the bad, so throughout the story, my view of him was a bit skewed.  However, it didn't ruin the story for me, overall.  I did enjoy Drake, and I felt he was a genuine person.  Sometimes people just don't have choices in the paths they take, and time will tell if they are able to escape their own fate.

Holly, on the other hand, I did like right away.  She is strong and intelligent, and does well by staying a step ahead.  She does suffer from something called sexsomnia, which is a real condition.  She felt shamed by this.  I don’t know, if it were me, I think I would be kind of happy for it.  Twice the pleasure, half the work?  I guess its easy for me to say, since I do not have it.  Anyhow, I enjoyed meeting her and seeing what she was all about. 

“Their gazes connected, and he recognized raw lust in her eyes.  At the same moment, they leaned in and their lips crushed in a frantic need.”

We should all hope to have a kiss like that before we die!  The romance was good in this story, and they had a date that could only be made in your favorite movie or romance novels.  I just feel that Drake started with such horrible intentions, I wasn't sure if I could forgive him.  The emotions between the two of them were good, and I enjoyed their scenes together.  I recommend this for those that are looking for a quick romance story with a little bit of heat, and a dramatic plot.

And some great news for author, Dawn Chartier!  She just finaled in the 2012 Dixie Kane Writers contest with two different unpublished manuscripts.
  • Pearls (Book #2 - The Stiletto Millionaire Club)
  • Buried Magic (Book #1 - The Vieux Carre Witch Series)

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