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Friday, November 16, 2012

Interview with Eden Summers, author of Sneaking A Peek

Sneaking A Peek

Eden Summers

She's either headed for jail...or for the best sex of her life.

Tarney Jensen has been crushing on sexy firefighter Ethan Reid, her best friend’s brother, since her sixteenth birthday. She knows acting on her attraction will ruin their friendship, but she can’t fight the temptation of his sweat-slicked skin as he works out. Every hot-blooded woman loves to drool over a sexy piece of man flesh, but watching one from the shadows of your porch when he has no idea you’re spying on him? Totally illegal.

For years Ethan has watched men go in and out of Tarney’s life, but how’s a guy supposed to put the moves on his kid sister’s best friend without looking like a perv? But when Tarney lets out an ear-piercing scream from her front yard, Ethan drops everything to rush to her aid. And finds out that the woman of his dreams has been sneaking a peek at his workouts…

*** Interview *** 

Hello Eden! Thank you so much for joining us today!

Thanks for having me Liz. I’m excited to be here.

You have several books coming out, and they all sound terrific!  Can you give us a little bit of info about Sneaking a Peak, which is being released in November?  
Sneaking a Peek is a cheeky (and naughty) novella which was released on the 2nd of November.

It tells the story of Tarney and her unhealthy obsession with the sexy fireman living next door – Ethan. 

How about your other releases?  Any tidbits you can give us about those?
I had a tiny short story in the Halloween Heat V Anthology which was about a married couple living out their ménage fantasy and  in early 2013 I have my first novel release – Concealed Desire. I’m still yet to get a release date, but I am very excited about that one.

Now for Halloween you were part of a ménage anthology.  How does that work?  Did you feel like it was more pressure to perform, writing-wise?  
I never actually thought of it that way. But thanks for pointing that out…now I feel a little daunted. Lol. I suppose I never felt any additional pressure to perform because as a writer you’re always being judged against others work. So being in an anthology is no different than releasing a book into the same marketplace as big name authors. People will always compare your work to the experts in the field. That’s why it’s important to always publish your best work.

Now, as you have publicly come out and said, Eden Summers is a pen name and your real name is something else.  Who are you really, and why the choice to use a pen name?
For privacy reasons I chose to use a pen name. My real surname is very unique especially for my part of the world, so I didn’t want to use it. And my husband’s last name is way too common (I didn’t change my last name when we married). So it was an easy choice to use a pen name.

I have also been hyper sensitive to what local people may think of my writing. Although I didn’t go into writing with the intent of publishing erotic fiction – it just turned out that way – I don’t want my family judged by people who may not approve.

 And in your other life, you run a book review blog.  Can you tell us a bit about that blog?
Riverina Romantics is a book blog dedicated to romance. I lurve romance – paranormal, erotic, contemporary, fantasy, you name it. So the blog is dedicated to my favorite genre. I started it as a hobby but it has grown into a part of my life as are the people who help run it with me. I couldn’t live without Megan and Delilah even though we are on opposite sides of the world.

So which came first in your life? The writing or the reviewing?
Definitely reviewing. Writing had never been on my to-do list until I became an avid reader. I’ve always had a great imagination, but it wasn’t until I started reading constantly that I decided I wanted to give it a try.

What do you think is the most awesome part of becoming a published author?
The people I’ve become close with. Writing is a very emotional experience and I’m lucky to have great critique partners and cheer leaders to share the experience with. If I ever gave up writing, losing the constant interaction with those people would hurt the most.

I also love the never ending learning experience. I swear I have ADD so to have a hobby that constantly tests me and allows me to grow is very awesome.

Ok, so you are an author, a reviewer, a blogger, a wife… just how many jobs do you actually have and how do you manage it all?
I’m also a mother of two energetic boys under the age of seven, and by energetic I mean possessed by the devil. They are a full time job on their own. I also work a few days a week as an administrator. On top of that I do the book work for my husband’s part-time job and I used to run an online wedding business, but sold it when I started writing.

How do I manage it all? With coffee and no social life. I have a pretty tight schedule. I only watch television one or two nights a week and when I do I’m always on my computer organizing promo, blog posts, paying bills, etc etc. The only time I get to read is when I am doing something else at the same time. I set my Kindle to text to voice and clean the house, or while driving to work. I never relax and I’m always doing two things at once.

And how has it been, participating in book tours – but now you are on the opposite side of the tour fence?
It’s a little weird to be honest. I keep asking the question – why do people want to learn about me? But then I have another coffee, get a little crazy and talk some smack.

So Eden, do you prefer paranormal beings or human beings? 
Hmm, tough question. The thought of having a black leopard shifter has always done things to me. The confident prowl, the strength, the dominance. If I had the choice I would pick paranormal cause the sex would have to be awesome, right?

And if you could only read and/or write in one genre for all of eternity, which would it be?
I only intend to ever write romance. But if I had to pick a sub-genre I would say…ahh, crap this is hard…  contemporary. At the moment that is where I feel most comfortable with my writing. I have fantasy and paranormal romance pieces started on my computer, but the ones I enjoy writing the most are the contemp pieces. However, I think my answer to that will change in the next few years.

How hot do you like your books (either authoring or reading)?
I’m a moody reader. At times I want something sweet, where the characters go through a slow seduction. Discreet glances, flirty banter and a slow building romance is a big turn on for me.
On other occasions I want something dirty and smut-tastic. Dominant alpha hero’s, sassy heroines and naughty sex – Oh, yeah.

I love to read both. I can get just as much enjoyment out of a sweet story as I can from erotic romance. My husband on the other hand probably prefers me reading the hot stuff.

With my writing I like to include steamy sex, but not have it as the focus point. I prefer to draw the romance out with seductive looks and sensual conversation. Funnily enough though my first two releases are more on the erotic side.

Do you have any other works in progress that you can share with us today?
I have another piece set for release in 2013 – Concealed Desire. It is a novel length contemporary romance. Very sassy, very sexy. I’m still doing edits on it at the moment but I hope it will be available in the early months of next year. Here is the blurb:

Beth Graison has been infatuated with Dean Sutherland since the day her employment started at Sutherland & Son. Her attraction is undeniable, but she won’t risk losing her job for a one-time fling with the known playboy.

 Dean doesn’t ‘do’ love, the concept of a devoted wife and happy family was ruined by his manipulating father years ago. So why can’t he stop picturing a future with his blushing colleague - a future he doesn’t believe can exist?
When a private meeting with Dean’s father leaves Beth upset, causing her to drink away her frustrations, Dean vows to be a gentleman and drive her home safely. What he doesn’t expect is the scorching kiss she initiates or the shocking revelation that his father propositioned her to become his mistress. 
I’m also working on a lot of other projects at the moment. I have a group of rock stars in my mind that won’t leave me alone until their stories are written. And I have a mass of half started pieces on my computer. I’m just not sure what will be finished first.

That should do for today!  Thank you so much for taking some time and letting me get to know you a bit more!

Thank you so much for having me. 

Well, there ya have it.  My first interview with Eden Summers. But the fun isn't over yet, there is a giveaway below!  Make sure you enter that. Have a great day everyone!

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