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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: The Meeting by Dan Cocker

Title: The Meeting
Author: Dan Cocker
Published: 2012, Horny Devil Publishing
Format: Ebook provided by author for review

Trapped in a sexless marriage, Paul, an aspiring author, finds himself slipping into the alluring world of erotic prose. Flattering reviews from his number one fan lead to a virtual relationship of a different kind. Role play becomes real play. Then his secret is uncovered by his wife, Samantha. Caught in the ethereal glow of his monitor screen, he freezes like a rabbit caught in headlights.

When Samantha finds Paul engaged in cyber-sex with a man, she fears for his sexuality, and their marriage. Realizing that she has been neglecting their physical relationship, Sam wakes her husband with hot passion on her lips. With intimacy restored, she allows her curiosity free reign, unwittingly igniting deeply buried primal fires. When Sam is left alone with Paul’s virtual bull, she takes matters into her own hands. A meeting is arranged.

Will his reader inspire an exciting new chapter in Paul and Sam’s relationship, or will he be the author of the final chapter of their marriage?

This was quite an interesting story. For me, personally, it was more about the mental, emotional, and psychology aspects moreover than the sexual aspect. Right away we are introduced to Paul, which only makes sense since this story is told in first person point of view. Paul has been playing around online and he gets involved in cyberspace with a man named Dan. Dan is more aggressive and dominant, and its not long before cyber speaking becomes cyber sex. Annnnnnd then Sam, Paul’s wife, walks in and catches Paul red-handed….so to speak. As one can imagine, this all but kills their sex life, which wasn’t all that to begin with.

And then one day Sam changes all that. She initiates a meeting with the three of them for some extra-curricular fun. The sex that came after was definitely interesting. But while some people might be interested for the moans and groans, I was fascinated by all of the power plays going on. Dan is not only aggressive online, but in person. And Sam awakens a part of her that had previously been uncovered. And Paul, well, he is aroused, but his part in it just felt a bit emasculating to me.

All of the dynamics in this story were very intriguing. The dynamics before the meeting, during, and after were continually changing. It’s hard to say if they were for better or for worse, that’s probably something only the people involved could answer.

If you want to read something a bit different, I’d say give this story a whirl. It’s definitely a different take on erotica, sex, relationships, m-f-m, and well, life.

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