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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Tennessee Heat by Indigo Sin

Title: Tennessee Heat
Author: Indigo Sin
Published: October 2012
Format: Ebook received for review from author

Life has a habit of fast forwarding. In that fifteen year blink of an eye, regret will have its vengeance.

Felicity Janes muddled her way through her life, doing everything to satisfy everyone else’s whims, and sacrificing her own happiness in the process. At a standstill, she finds herself unhappy, engaged, and questioning the choices of her past. Felicity still carries a torch for her high school boyfriend, and harbors anger that he never came back for her after college as promised. Stuck in a dead end relationship, Felicity makes the trip to Memphis to attend her fifteen year reunion where she comes face to face with the past she aches for, and must make some difficult decisions for her future. 

Will an intimate encounter behind the school be the spark she needs to move on and finally find happiness?

Brock Moore, a successful business man, has tried for years to make contact with his old flame. All attempts at correspondence went unanswered and the pain of the rejection only deepened his desire to find out why. Regret followed him for years as he pined for the one woman who could make him whole again. His chance comes in the form of an invitation from his home town that appears in his email. Determined to get answers, Brock makes the drive to Tennessee to make one last effort to make contact with the woman his heart ached for, but seeing the ring on her finger makes the reality of their future look bleak. Will one night, and his heated seduction be enough to re-kindle what had once been, or will it end in disastrous consequences? Watch as a once dead burning flame ignites, transforming into a salacious tornado of heated rivalry as they go up in flames.

All they can do is try, but is it enough to wipe away fifteen years of hurt and confusion?

Indigo Sin is a new author to me, but I will definitely be reading more from her in the future, I hope.  This story starts with Felicity and her fiancĂ©, Mark, arriving at a high school reunion.  Felicity is unhappy with her life, and now she has to pretend its perfect for the reunion, and Mark is acting like a jerk about it.  And ever worse, her “on that got away”, Brock, will be there.  And worse yet, even just seeing him gives her the same giddy sensation that it used to. 

And that’s how it starts.  She sees him and he sees her, and all bets are off, right?  I love a strong male lead, and right off the bat Brock seems comfortable in that role.  

This story has some definitely steamy hot scenes.  If all high school reunions were like this, I bet a lot more people would go.  Brock definitely shines in that department!  The only question that needs answering is “Is there anything left after a fifteen year absence?”  Which, of course, I can’t tell you. 

I felt this story was pretty well rounded for being as short as it was.  You get enough history to understand where everyone is coming from, and how they wound up where they are.  The present is full of action and drama, and it doesn’t let off until the show is over. 

Tennessee Heat is Indigo Sin’s first release, from what I can see.  But I checked out her website, and there are some more stories coming up – and if the titles are anything to judge the story by, they sound like a lot of fun!

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