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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blogger On Blogger Interview: Megan at Riverina Romantics

I interview a lot of authors, we all do.  And it is really a lot of fun, right?  But who is it behind those interviews?  You!!!  So now I want to interview you! This post will run every Thursday (give or take a day due to scheduling) as long as I have people who want to be interviewed!  Check out the tab up there in my tab index for this feature.  That's where you can check out past interviews, upcoming bloggers, and sign up for your own interview! :)


Today I have Megan at Riverina Romantics.  Let me tell you, this woman is all sorts of awesome!  It was truly my pleasure getting to know her even more than I did before, and I'm so excited to have her here!

And I'm going to switch up the giveaway this time.... Ok, mostly because I didn't get a swag pack together.  But I thought I would do a gift card!!  So the prize today is a $5 USD gift card to any online book retailer (Amazon, B&N, AllRomance, Ellora's Cave...where ever!)  And it is INTERNATIONAL as long as you can accept a gift card!  Giveaway will end on Monday, since I'm starting a bit late.  Good luck, and let's get on to Megan!  (Ok, no, that didn't sound right.  Sorry Megan, we will all promise to stay off of you!)


Hello Megan!  Thanks for coming by and chatting with me!

Thanks for having me Liz! It’s awesome being here!

First, can you tell our readers a little bit about your blog, Riverina Romantics?

Well, Riverina Romantics was started by my girl Jodie in May of 2011. At the time I was HUGE blog follower and she asked me if I would help her out with a few things. From there it just grew LOL. We read, review and have a good time.

Now Riverina Romantics is a group blog.  How many reviewers do you have?

At the moment there are a total of six of us. Our two newest members, Alyssa and Tina, just joined Jodie, Delilah and I a few months ago. Then of course there’s our resident author Eden Summers. She doesn’t review but does interviews and book spotlights.

Now obviously, you review Romance.  Do you cover any other genres?  And how high of a heat level do you feature?

We generally stick with romance. That includes all the sub-genres under the romance umbrella from YA – Erotic. Though to be honest, until recently we tended to lean more towards PNR and good ol’ erotic romance.

As far as heat level we’ll read just about anything. Our highest heat level is 5 burning hearts and they mean “Hawt damn that’s scorching!”.  For me if a book gets a heat rating of 5 then it has to have at least 3 or more people in the naughty scenes. Sometimes even that’s not enough if the writing doesn’t make me squirm.

How do you guys go about deciding who does what and when they do it?

As far as blog posts go, we have a framework that we stick with. We want at least one post a day but not more than three. We also put the tour stops or giveaways in the “pole position” for the day. We fit everything else around them. Jodie, Delilah and I do the scheduling and we talk all the time so it works for us even if it sounds chaotic.

We each have different jobs. First off, Delilah and I have each “adopted” one of the new reviewers. It’s our responsibility to go over their reviews before we schedule them. When it comes to talking to the tour companies, Jodie usually handles it. She does all the work with the publishing companies too. When it comes to authors it’s a little different. We each have certain authors that we work with. For instance, Delilah did a lot of networking last spring at RT so naturally she’d be the front woman when it comes to the correspondence with those authors.

Megan, you are the Queen of all that is Swag, seriously!  How do you manage to stay on top of all the street teams, on top of your Sunday Swag giveaways? 

Good question! I’ve got HUGE swag collection. I just love it! If you ask my family I have no control over it but I truly do have a system. Every author gets their own 6x9 envelope and then I put the envelopes in alphabetical order. (OK, totally stealing this!)

Currently I’m on street teams for Jacquelyn Frank, Laurie London, Eve Langlais, Sara Humphreys, Gena Showalter, Tina Folsom, Ashlyn Chase, Juliana Stone, Virna DePaul, Felicity Heaton and Alexandra Ivy. I’m also the pimping queen for Kallysten and Eden Summers.

What is your absolute favorite genre to read?

PNR. Hands down.

Megan, how did you get into book blogging?

I discovered Goodreads and the blogging world at the end of 2010. GR is where I met Jodie and we became fast friends. Though I was spending a lot of time on GR I didn’t write reviews. It wasn’t until Laurie from Bitten By Paranormal Romance had encouraged me to do so that I actually wrote some. After I decided that I liked writing them it seemed like a logical step to put them on the blog that Jodie was asking me to help with.

What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

I’m disabled with lung issues so I don’t get out much. When I’m up to it I like crafting and scrapbooking. (me too!  I used to have an Etsy store, actually!) I have what’s called a Cricut Machine that cuts out all sorts of shapes from paper. I love playing with it. I also watch a lot of TV and spend way too much time fooling around on the comp.

If you could only read print books or ebooks for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

I hate to say it but ebooks. I find that I read more ebooks than print nowadays.

Your blog also participates in a crazy amount of hops and giveaways.  Seriously, how do you guys manage everything going on? (yes, I’m clearly obsessed with your management LOL)

I will admit that it gets crazy sometimes. It helps that there’s so many of us. The tricky times are when we have our theme weeks. We have lots of stuff going on during those weeks.

Who is your favorite hero/alpha male or favorite female protag?

Bones from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. I love that man!

Do you have a favorite, must read story or author that you always recommend?

Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Jeaniene Frost and JR Ward are names that I mention frequently. I hate picking just one so when I talk about books I tend to throw out all sorts of suggestions. Although, I guess the fact that I have a Lords of the Underworld tattoo means that I’m always promoting Gena Showalter LOL.

Whats coming up in the next couple months on Riverina Romantics?

We’re putting a lot of effort into Christmas this year. Expect to see lots of giveaways and reviews of books with the Christmas theme.

I know you guys are all over the social media, which one is your personal favorite?

I’m all about FB. I like that you don’t have to keep what you say short like you do on Twitter.

Ok, that about wraps us up for today!  Thank you again for taking the time!

Thanks for having me Liz! It was super fun!

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