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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blogger On Blogger Interview/Giveaway: AwesomeSauce Book Club

I interview a lot of authors, we all do.  And it is really a lot of fun, right?  But who is it behind those interviews?  You!!!  So now I want to interview you! This post will run every Thursday (give or take a day due to scheduling) until February 13!  Check out the tab up there in my tab index for this feature.  That's where you can check out past interviews and upcoming interviews!

Starting this Saturday I am going to introduce a new feature...that I don't have a name for yet LOL.  So far I'm calling it New Feature.  But it will be more of an editorial type piece focusing on everything from blogging trends, to genre talk, romance, plagiarism and more!  And the New Feature will also have a weekly awesome giveaway with it!  So I hope everyone will join me for those discussions and let me know what you think!

This week I have an awesome swag giveaway along with my interview with Amber from AwesomeSauce!  It was a whole heck of a lot of fun interviewing her, so I hope you like it!  And below is a picture of the swag.  And always, its an INTERNATIONAL giveaway!  Woot!

AwesomeSauce Book Club
Hello Amber!  Or is this Amber?  Ambers? Welcome to Fictional Candy for the day!!
Hey Liz thanks for having me its just Amber I. today. Amber R. is on vacation.
Now in preparing for this interview, I’ve been scouring your website.  I’ve visited it before, and enjoyed it, but now that I’m going through it more, I really love it!  So what are your favorite parts of your own website?
I love our seasonal designs. But I can’t take any credit for that, that all goes to our amazing blog designer. This is hard one. I guess I just love the fun vibe of the blog. Its nothing serious or professional and when people read it I hope they can see our sense of humor.
Who is your favorite:
This is so hard. So I am just going to pick...
Vampire: Ian from Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series
Werewolf: Clay Danvers from Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series
Witch/Warlock: Chess from Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghost series
Demon: Al from Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series (or is it called The Hollow series?)
And when you aren’t blogging, what the heck are you doing?
I am a mom of 3 kids, oh and a wife. lol So I am busy with those things. My kid are 11, 9 and 4 so they keep me pretty busy. I also do all that fun stuff like cleaning the house, doing the laundry and doing the dishes (without a dishwasher!) I am now also working part time at my local library. I am loving it. I hope to go full time when my youngest goes to kindergarten next year.
If you could only read one genre for the next 37 days, which one would it be?
Paranormal Romance!! I love my creatures of the night and some good ol’ sexin!
I’m a magic fairy, and I’ve turned you into a superhero.  I’m even going to let you pick your name and power.  What is it?
Can I be turned into a magic fairy so I can just grant myself wishes as I please? Okay let me think maybe flying. Because I freaking hate flying because I am not in control. I have trust issues, I really won’t let people drive even if its their car.  So if I could just fly I would never have to worry about it. And people could call me Zoomber. Like Zoom and Amber mixed. lol. This is in no way my official answer. So any fairies out there please don’t grant me this wish, I would need lots and lots of time to think this one over.
What is the very bestest thing about blogging?
I love connecting with other bloggers that share my interest. Its seriously so awesome to find such an awesome community of people who love books like me. Its even more fun that they love the same kind of books I do. Because of bloggers I have discovered so many awesome new books. It’s also exciting when I get to talk to authors. I get so excited when I am in a conversation with an author I love. They are like rock stars to me, and so even if its a quick twitter conversation it still gets me all excited.
And of course, what is the very worst about it?
I guess its just a lot more time consuming than I ever thought. I work on my blog everyday and usually a few hours a day. Its also hard to stay organized. At first I was just overloading myself with commitments, but I have learned my lesson. Well kind of, I am still really busy. Its hard to maintain having a post a day, keeping up with reading, reviewing answering emails, using social networks, commenting and keeping up on my day to day life.
What advice do you have for newbies?
You really should be passionate about reading if you want to start a blog. Don’t think blogging will get you an unlimited amount of free books. I have been doing this for 2 years and still at least 50% (probably more but I am so not doing math right now) are books I have either bought or got from my library. Having a blog is like having a job. Its time consuming and can be difficult but if you have a love for reading its all worth it.
Do you have anything you absolutely won’t review?
Of course. Anything too young I won’t review. Any authors caught acting like fools I tend to stay clear of. I am actually really picky. So this could be a long list if I sat here and really thought it out. I am so bad at categorizing, seriously Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance still confuse me so I can’t really say what exactly I won’t read. But I know it when I see it.
Why are you guys afraid of birds?
Is it all birds?  What about Big Bird?  What did he ever do to you?
Image courtesy of [smarnad] /
Birds are just icky. And I can say Big Bird is okay right now but if I ever came face to face with a giant talking bird with that large beak I would probably run away. I won’t even go into pet stores that let those monsters fly around. Here let me tell you a little story..

My Husband brought home a love bird once (the asshat!) So one day I am minding my own business when the mofo escapes its cage. I start screaming. I dive to the floor, crawl to the couch and grab the blanket then throw it over my head. I then run to my room and lock myself in. This all happens in like 5 seconds. I don’t think I have ever moved so fast. Oh and I also left my kids behind to fend for themselves. lol
What exactly, is AwesomeSauce?
Its Awesome but more extreme! In 2007ish I started a facebook book club and I called it AwesomeSauce Book Club, so when I found blogging in 2011 I just kept the name going. Its a cute word I think.
Any parting words for the readers today?
Hello lovelys! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading this! If you are here you should leave a comment so I don’t feel like I am talking to myself. The last interview I did that happened. And yes I am totally sounding like a lametard. I wish I had something cooler to say but I don’t. Oh here I got one I just watched Anchorman so I will say this..

You Stay Classy Readers!
Thanks so much for coming by!!
Thanks so much for having me!

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