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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: Master Class by Cassandra Carr

Title: Master Class
Series: No
Author: Cassandra Carr
Published: December 2012, Loose Id
Tour: Yes, Sizzling PR
Format: Ebook provided for review

Ryan Tomasi feels like a failure. His marriage is officially over; the ink dried on the divorce decree. His friend Jack introduces him to BDSM and he agrees to attend a Halloween party at a club. A submissive approaches him, offering herself, and how can he refuse the kneeling beauty? They do a whirlwind scene and Ryan is addicted—both to dominance and to her.

Lisette Rinaldo is returning to the BDSM club for the first time since ending a bad relationship with her former master. She spots Ryan and is taken by the combination of self-assurance and nervousness the man displays as he takes in his surroundings. And after he gives her an incredible re-introduction to the lifestyle, she knows she needs to see the man again.

Ryan and Lisette explore each other and the lifestyle, but what started out as playtime quickly evolves into something more. The problem? Ryan isn’t ready to get serious again and Lisette doesn’t want to fall in love with a guy who can’t give all of himself to her. Both of them are going to have to break out of the bonds holding them back from happiness to pass this Master Class.

Ryan, a recent divorcee, goes to the club for his public debut as a Dom during a Halloween party. Quickly he meets Lisette, a sub who has been out of the scene for a bit while she mentally and emotionally recovered from a bad D/s relationship. The chemistry between them ignites instantly. Ryan has been getting a bit of tutelage from his friend and coworker, Jack, and it is all about to pay off in spades.

Ok, so when I pick up a Cassandra Carr book I know two things for sure. 1) I’m about to read a story that is extremely hot, and 2) it’s not all about the sex by any means. This story is definitely one to add to your TBR if you have not already. Ryan and Lisette are two wonderful characters; I loved reading about them separately and together. The sex scenes in the BDSM club were absolutely toe-curling, and it isn’t long before these two are becoming an “item”.

Ryan is a professor who had a messy divorce. It isn’t long before he finds himself on the doorstep of BDSM, and when he enters the club his one thought “home” is so damn sweet. I know, you probably aren’t thinking a BDSM club as sweet, and that may be true. But the sentiment that this man, who had been hurt by a woman, was able to find a place where he felt like himself, like he was whole again, and where he would eventually find love… well, it’s sweet. It made me happy to see him feel good and happy, too. I absolutely found myself caring for him as a person.

And then we have Lisette, and she’s in control of every aspect of her life. She comes to the club to get her release, to let go of that control and just feel. And then she meets Ryan and she just knows. I just love that, when two people have a moment and you know they are ruined for every other person on the planet now that they’ve met their true mate. The way that Lisette and Ryan interact with eachother, the way they feed each other’s needs, it’s truly romantic. These two are electric together, and I couldn’t get enough.

Like I said before, Cassandra Carr can write good sex. Heck, she’s fantastic at it. But she really packs the story full with characters and a great plot, and a lot of emotion and drama. If you haven’t read her books, I seriously recommend you start. I’ve read quite a few, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. And now I’m totally adding Master Class to that list.

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