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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nobody Asked Me, an Introduction

So that is my banner for my new feature, "Nobody Asked Me".  Haha, maybe there is a reason no one asked?  Oh well.  I'd been debating about what to do for a new feature as the Blogger On Blogger Interviews came to a close.  I'll still be doing the interviews from time to time, but for a weekly feature they are currently shelved.  I've been wanting to get into something a little bit more editorial.  Something where I don't necessarily speak about specific books (but I could!) but rather, something where I just talk (err, or type) and hopefully you can get to know me a bit more.  That's something I feel has been really lacking on Fictional Candy, so here it goes.

I hope you will join me with this new endeavor.  As a bonus I will keep up with the weekly giveaways. I will just switch them from the interviews to this - once the interviews officially end.  I have two more of those scheduled, with Book Sniffers Anonymous and Proserpine Craving Books.

So what the heck am I going to talk about?  Hell if I know!!  Ok, I do know.  I have a whole list of topics written out in my handy dandy notebook to write about.  I am also planning to interview some non blogger friends about reading and books.  I might just ramble, such as I am doing now! Some of the topics will include the anatomy of a review, organization, genre talk, ratings, and more!

Right now I have Nobody Asked Me slated for February 21.  I'm not sure what the topic will be, time will tell.  Anyhow, I hope you all will join me as I am definitely a bit nervous!

Thank you!