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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review: A Spanking Good Time: An Adventure, Twice Told by Cassandra Carr and Emma Lai

Title: A Spanking Good Time - An Adventure, Twice Told
Authors: Cassandra Carr & Emma Lai
Published: Feb 1,2013 Sybarite Seductions
Format: ebook provided for review

A Spanking Good Time by Cassandra Carr

Leslie, as a natural Domme, works hard and plays harder. When she wins a trip to a private resort, she’s happy to discover her husband can escape the demands of his job as a special agent for the FBI.

However, he does have the tendency to be snappy on vacation. So before they can indulge themselves in decadence, she must make it clear who’s in charge and that she’s to be obeyed.

A Spanking Good Time—At Her Mercy by Emma Lai

Tom is a special agent for the FBI. He loves his job, but it’s stressful, and when his wife takes control of their personal life—both in and out of the bedroom—he happily lets her.

Whether at home or on vacation, he is her dutiful sub. But just because she’s in control doesn’t mean she holds all the power.

Mmmmm fun, another Cassandra Carr collaborative book! As I quickly learned from other books of hers, she works quite well with others! A Spanking Good Time was a very short and quick read, but the format of it was a lot of fun and I definitely love the take on it. Like the blurb says, A Spanking Good Time, written by Cassandra Carr, is from Leslie’s POV. And A Spanking Good Time – At Her Mercy, written by Emma Lai, is from Tom’s POV.

Leslie and Tom are married. She’s a sales rep and he is a big bad FBI agent. But when the work ends, things are a bit different for these two. Leslie is every bit the Domme and Tom is the sub. What a fascinating combination! I don’t usually pick up Domme stories, I don’t like to see my men put in place. But this was written very well by both authors, that it was exciting and definitely hot.

Leslie is obviously madly in love with her husband Tom. She doesn’t top him because he’s some stranger paying for a service at a club or something, she does it because she is a natural Domme, and his work life is so demanding and stressful that she knows this helps him let off some steam. The two of them are such a complimentary pair that you can’t help but give a wistful sigh.

Tom is the tough FBI agent. But he has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to receiving punishment from Leslie. I really loved seeing this story from both of their POVs, and I loved that each story was a different scene. Tom struck me as playful and loving, and completely devoted to his strong wife.

I definitely recommend this story to lovers of D/s, spanking, and healthy couples in love! It was short and hot, and definitely packed a punch… or a spank, rather. It was great because even though each author ultimately wrote about a spanking scene, they didn’t lose the characters in the sex. There was still plenty of emotion, history and plot to make this a very enjoyable read!