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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: Taught by Jenna Owens

Title: Taught
Series: No, but it is in the EC for Men line at Ellora's Cave
Author: Jenna Owens
Published: January 2013, Ellora's Cave
Tour: No
Format: Ebook provided for review

Dr. Collins has always fantasized about the female students in his college classes. He never expected one of his students, a sexy girl named Elizabeth, has fantasies of her own in which he plays a starring role. Now Elizabeth wants the real thing, and like the saying goes…some of those who teach, can also do.

Taught is a story in the EC for Men line from Ellora’s Cave. This is my second read in this line, and I have to say – I don’t think they are just for men by any means! Us women don’t always need a HEA to enjoy a good story, right ladies?!

“There is nothing like the smoking hot bodies of eighteen to twenty one year olds to awaken my carnal desires”

Dr. Collins is exciting and more than a bit naughty. A chance meeting with a student named Elizabeth flirts with disaster and turns into delicious danger. Elizabeth is so brazen as to wear no bra to class in what is described as the torrid heat of summer. Dr. Collins is a young and sexy professor, of course he is going to notice.

Right away I like the author’s style and descriptive writing; I am an instant fan. The story itself was fast paced and very steamy and naughty, in all the best ways. I could practically feel the sweat beading on my forehead from the summer heat as I waited for class to get over so I could find some cooler air. Fortunately for Dr. Collins, not everyone was in such a hurry.

Elizabeth was young and confident; I think she was a terrific character and a great complimentary character to that of Dr. Collins. And one thing for sure, Friday was fantastic. Monday was sure to be marvelous. I think if you like taboo (but not illegal!) sex in places where you are likely to get caught, this is an excellent story for you to read. Personally I found it very enjoyable and I couldn’t read it fast enough!

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