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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bite Size Review: Quivering Thighs by Ashlyn Chase

Title: Quivering Thighs
Series: No
Author: Ashlyn Chase
Published: 2008
Format: Ebook received for review

Kendra Dempsey took her gangster boyfriend’s money and ran. The problem is, it was supposed to be split three ways. Going back to Las Vegas is out of the question, so she goes after the fresh start she needs. Indulging her fantasy of living in paradise, escaping the mob and a career that utilizes her drawing talent, she moves to Hawaii and apprentices as a tattoo artist. Since all the mobsters are in prison now, she can finally relax, right?

Jake Jensen is a cop assigned to work his first undercover assignment at a suspected chop shop, Bump and Grind Auto Body, but he doesn’t look the part. The quickest thing he can do to roughen his clean-cut edges is to let his hair grow and get some cool tattoos. When the dyslexic tattoo apprentice makes a mistake in the lettering, will he be a laughing stock? Should he blow his cover and help her when she’s in more danger than he is.

This story starts out a bit flirtatiously, and it was a pretty light and easy read throughout. Basically we have Kendra who is in hiding, kind of. She’s sort of created her own witness protection program, except she’s not a witness and she’s doing it on her own, with millions of dollars. Bonus! And then we have Jake, who is an undercover cop in what he suspects is a chop shop.

I really enjoyed these two together. Their relationship grows from strangers to lovers over the course of the book, and it had quite a bit of hilarious moments, true to Ashlyn Chase’s comedic romance style. There’s also a big dog, Brando, who I got a few giggles over too. I always love pets in books J

There was plenty of action and drama that really helped move the story forward. While this wasn’t my favorite of Ashlyn’s books, I think it was definitely worth checking out. The romance was a nice slow build, but without the high heat part. Overall, I just really enjoyed the progression of their relationship, and I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a quick read!

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