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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nobody Asked Me! Zombie Edition

Well seeing as how this Sunday is the season FINALE of THE WALKING DEAD, I thought I would write a little post about something near and dear to my heart – zombies! ZOMBIES, folks!!!!

If anyone truly knows me, they know I have a fascination with zombies. Books, television, pictures, plans, everything. Hey, it’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of WHEN. And my money is that WHEN is soon!!

I’m not going to lay out my plan for the apoc here, that would be pretty foolish, I think. If you know what I’m going to do, you might show up and reap the benefits of my hard work! Not gonna happen!!

But what is it about zombies? Hmmmm. They aren’t sexy. They aren’t romantic. They don’t smell good. And they definitely don’t whisper sweet nothings in your ear. In fact, if one is trying to whisper in your ear, you should be looking forward to a double tap from the nearest non-zombie around. So why is the world full of zombie mania?


The damned creatures are a real possibility!! Let’s leave out talks of things like bath salts. However, if the government is messing around with things like cloning|gninolc (see, I cloned the word cloning, just cause I can - it's that easy!), don’t you think they are messing around with things like reanimation? How about the simple fact that a neurotoxin epidemic could happen AT ANY TIME and we’d all be screwin’ the pooch (and I mean that figuratively, folks, please leave those pooches alone!)?

So, while I’ve got you here and I’m gnawing on your ear about zombies, let me share some of my favorite zombie books with you!!

First, my very favorite involves a young woman named Kansas. Kansas is all sorts of badass wrapped up in more badass and sprinkled with some “oh hell no!” You can find some posts I’ve done on Kansas here:

 Taking on the Dead Series by Annie Walls


On top of that, the author, Annie Wells, is super awesome. If you want to have some fun online, seek her out – but not right now, because she is working on Controlling The Dead (the sequel to Taking On The Dead) and I don’t want her to stop! Be sure to check out her site for Bailing Out Into The Dead, Rudy's story - and you do NOT want to miss that!
Annie Wallsr

Next, how about Emily Goodwin and the Contagium series? Holy heck, Orissa is another awesome leading lady taking on the zombie apoc!! I’ve only reviewed one of her books for Fictional Candy, but I’ve read both that are out already – and I’m totally waiting for book three to get released NOW! :)

Here is my review of CONTAGIOUS

CONTAGIUM on Facebook

Emily Goodwin's WEBSITE

Wait, I’m not done yet!! Have you met Sloane from This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers? This Is Not 
A Test is a little bit of a different type of zombie book, there are very few actual zombies in it – but it is a total mind f**k!!! I strongly suggest you check it out.

This Is Not A Test
Courtney Summers

Here is my review of TINAT

Want more? How about Hive by Griffin Hayes? His book was a bit
different, as it takes place in the future and looks back at society now, and what we did to screw it up. Take a hint: Don’t drink the water. His zombies are also able to be centrally controlled by strong zombies. It was a rockin’ good time in his book, and I definitely recommend it! And the cover – AHHHmazing!!

Here is my review of HIVE
And of course, you also need to check out Griffin's website, cause hey, even guys can write about zombies! WEBSITE

So there are some of my favorites. I’ve got a bunch more on the list, but I was actually getting anxious to post some Daryl Dixon visual candy. There’s not a woman alive who doesn’t want this man by her side at the end! Whhhoooooo doggy, break me off a piece of that!

So, how about you? Are you into zombies? Do you think its been overdone, or are you like me and ready for more more more more!!! Do you have any favorite books you could recommend me?

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