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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Kindred by JA Redmerski

Title: Kindred
Series: The Darkwoods Trilogy, #2
Author: JA Redmerski
Published: July 2012
Tour: No
Format: Ebook provided for review

Isaac Mayfair is hiding a dark secret. And just when Adria Dawson thinks the worst of her life among the werewolf world is over, she learns the secret that can rip her and Isaac’s love apart. Adria must come to terms with what the truth means for her. What it means for her life and how much time she has left to live it. She must choose between two different fates, neither of which can offer life as a certainty.

As if Isaac’s betrayal isn’t enough, Adria learns that there are things out there older and more powerful than werewolves could ever be. An archaic entity known only to few as the Praverian, unlike anything Adria has ever known or heard of.

As Adria struggles with her own fateful dilemmas, she must also try to find out why the Praverian is so interested in her and do everything in her power to stay out of its way.

Due to MATURE YA content, this book is recommended for 17+.

Because of scheduling issues it took me longer than I had wanted to get back to these characters and their story.  But as soon as I brought this book up on my kindle, it was absolutely no time until I finished it.  JA Redmerski is one of those authors whose writing style is just so right that your eyes eat the words up like... like book crack. haha. She writes with passion, and you can feel it in her words. This story brings us back to Adria and Isaac, and they are as close and together as ever.  Life seems pretty darn terrific overall for them.  

Adria still needs to learn to lean on and trust others a bit, but I still really like her.  But the poor girl is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, and it makes me clench my teeth in sympathy for her.  Adria and Isaac's relationship is definitely enviable.   Any why?

Well, Isaac, for one.  Can we say dream boyfriend? I have little hearts doodled by his name in my notes.  I think that means I'm into him lol. He cares so deeply and thoroughly for Adria, the rest of us can't help but be a bit jealous. Soul mates.

This second book in the trilogy introduces a few new characters, and I thought they were really fantastic.  At times I had to wonder what the heck was going on, like with Genna.  But I liked her.  Hell, I liked them all.  I am completely enamored by Adria, Harry, Genna, and the Mayfairs.

And of course there are some really great wolfy scenes with these larger than life and very scary beasts.  You definitely get an adrenalin rush several times in this story. I love the powerplays and drama involved throughout. If you are into wolves and you haven't latched onto this series, then you definitely need to.  It has everything: romance, drama, werewolves and other paranormalness, and big ol' trucks - gotta love that!!!

About the author....

J.A. Redmerski is a  Contemporary Fantasy and YA writer - author of THE MAYFAIR MOON and DIRTY EDEN. She’s  a mother, werewolf & zombie fanatic, book addict and a happy hermit obsessed with the Universe. Oh, and AMC's "The Walking Dead".

Jessica started her first novel at the age of thirteen and has been writing something ever since. Generally, she loves characters in life and on paper. She pays attention to people, especially those whose personalities make them different from the rest of us: the drug addict roaming the Laundromat that talks to himself, the young, inattentive mother in the park with the meanest kid on the playground - (the entire cast of 'Swamp People') - characters fascinate Jessica and she hopes that it shows in her  literary work.

Some authors that inspire Jessica are Neil Gaiman, Cormac McCarthy, Max Brooks, Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, Richard Matheson, William R. Forstchen, Carrie Ryan, Stephenie Meyer and Lisa Smedman.

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