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Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Mated To The Devil by Eve Langlais

Title: Mated To The Devil
Series: No, not yet, but I have a feeling it could be
Author: Eve Langlais
Published: March 2013, Amira Press
Format: Ebook received for review
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Not all pleasures are a sin...

Mina wants to put her seduction by a golden-eyed devil behind her, but the birth of her son, Jacques, renders that impossible. She tries to forget the only man who ever roused her passion, but when she notices her son exhibiting strange behavior—and less-than-human characteristics—she must face her past and learn to trust, and love, again.

Howling drunk, the one thing Remy clearly remembers is seducing Mina. A pity he didn’t think to get her address, especially since he marks her as his mate. When she disappears, he’s got plenty of time to regret, but he doesn’t get a chance to atone until she comes back into his life with an unexpected surprise.

Thrust into the role of father, Remy works to bond with his son while gaining forgiveness. But will he get the chance to truly make Mina his mate before danger threatens their fragile happiness?

I’m a huge fan of Eve Langlais, and I really loved this story. I felt it was a bit different than the other books I’ve read from her. There was a little less snark and humor, and a little more worry and self-deprecation on the character’s part. But on a few levels I really felt like I connected with this book more than others.

Why? Well, because of Mina. Mina is a single mom, which is something I always love to see in stories because I am one, myself. It instantly creates a connection to the character for me. I mean, sure, I don’t have a shifter baby, but maybe someday with a little luck, I could!

But aside from that, Mina is a warm and caring person. I love how that in the face of what could surely be the end of her, she stands up tall and gets everything done. I.Love.That. She is an untapped source of strength, and it just drew me to her over and over.

Remy is a great guy, err, wolf. He isn’t in the story quite as much as Mina, but when he is, he shines like a beacon. Sure, he’s made some mistakes. But he feels the err of them right to his core, and I think it really goes to show what kind of a man he is. And that’s how an Alpha should be. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. But the truly smart people learn from them.

I think the whole of this story was exciting and fast paced. The romance was sexy, the sweet parts were tender, and the danger was tangible. The story also switched through several points of view, which happened so seamlessly I didn’t feel like I was jarred or anything of a sort. And I really enjoyed the different perspectives, it helped complete the whole world for me. For fans of Eve Langlais, I think this is one not to be missed, and for those who may not have read her yet, this would be a good place to start.

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