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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review: Pride's Pursuit by Cat Kalen

Title: Pride's Pursuit
Series: A Wolf's Pride, #3
Author: Cat Kalen
Published: August 2012
Format: Ebook provided for review
Tour: No

After defeating her master and releasing the enslaved wolves, Pride, Logan, Stone and the rest of the pack return to the Canadian mountains only to discover a village in chaos. Feeling responsible for the carnage, Pride is determined to show the world exactly who the monsters really are.

When her pack refuses to let her fight alone, Pride and her team set out to change mankind. But when her leadership is tested and a traitor emerges, not only must Pride pick between the two boys who love her most, her choice could either help put an end to war on the wolves or it could endanger the very existence of her kind.

Well it certainly has been something special to take this journey with Pride from book one to book three. Pride has been one of those characters I just loved everything about. She’s a wolf shifter, but like I’ve mentioned in previous reviews for Pride, she is more wolf than human. That’s just how Cat Kalen rolls, and I love it.

In Pride’s Pursuit we catch up with her after escaping the compound with Logan and a few others. They make their way to Canada, only to find Logan’s town is on fire. Pride feels this is her fault, and has heaped the burden of “making it right” on herself. And what comes next is an action and drama packed story.

In this book I’ve decided, finally, what love interest team I am on. Team Stone. I honestly thought I would go Team Logan, he and Pride seemed to have it all. But there is just something about that true mate link that just gets me. I love Stone. He is my favorite type of alpha male, stubborn, hot, and madly in love. So there it is, Team Stone. Over and over, things happen hat enforce my hope that Pride and Stone will be together.

But Logan isn’t bad. He’s actually very good for Pride. He’s calm and strong. He is able to help her keep her wits about her, to think before she acts. He obviously loves her. He’s young and sexy, and completely alpha. So why can’t I just jump on board? I don’t know!!! Maybe he is just too good, ya know? He’s saved Pride when she couldn’t save herself. He’s the “good guy” and there it is. He’s completely wonderful, just not bad enough for me.

Ok, I digress. Back to the book. There is a lot that happens in this book. There’s a traitor, and that is a very scary concept. And then Pride gets to know her father a bit more. That was really awesome and wonderful in so many ways. And then a PTF agent makes a difference in Pride’s life.

Between forests, caves, and compounds this story’s backdrop is beautiful. Pride has to worry about the cat shifters out there, and the PTF. And the climactic battle is really something terrific. The relationship with the other characters is what makes this special. Pride is such a strong woman, it’s almost like she is the Alpha, while Stone and Logan allow her to make decisions that will affect the whole group. The whole series is just wonderful, and I really recommend you give it a shot! Cat Kalen’s writing is fantastic; you really get to feel like you are right there. Or have you already read this series? I’d love to hear what you think!