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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Cameron Part Two by Edward Tailor

Title: Cameron
Series: The Pit Series, Part Two
Author: Edward Tailor
Published: January 2013 Horny Devil Publishing
Format: ebook provided for review
Tour: No

A random chance, followed by a bad choice lead Natalie Darrow into the arms of the formidable part-owner of The Pit, Cameron Flint. A passion ignites as their journey continues. When they delve into the black market, a web of deceit and lies unfold with devastating consequences.

Well, here we are. My third Horny Devil review this weekend. How fun its been for me!!! The weekend ends with Cameron, Part Two of The Pit Series.

I have been anxiously waiting to read this. It wasn’t too long ago that I read part one, and I instantly fell for Cameron. The man has got IT goin’ on. Edward Tailor has created this character that is so… so manly, that I know you will love him every bit as much as I do. He’s not just a Dom, but The Dom.

So for those catching up, Tilly was living life a bit down on her luck. Ok, a lot down. A crazy set of circumstances brought her to Cameron, and at the end of part one we find the two of them have some insane chemistry. Part two continues right where part one leaves off, so all in all, this whole story only takes place over a few days. And this time around, Tilly isn’t quite done stirring up trouble.

“Good girl, little one, “ he praised softly.

And just like that, Cameron has my attention. The man is a commitment-phobe. Heck, he is love-avoidant. But at the same time he knows that there has to be someone, and Tilly just might be that someone. Her instinctive dedication to his happiness humbles him, and makes him very proud. I know he’s fallen in love with her that quickly. And as for me, the reader, I dare not blink.

This story is h-o-t. If there were a word sexier than mother-effin’ hot, I would use that, but I don’t know of one offhand. But not only is it hot, it’s got some great action and some danger, which is like my yummy trinity of a winning story.

You definitely need to read these two stories in order, but they are both relatively short. And trust me, you will burn through them like a gasoline soaked whip. And then you will beg for more.

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