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Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Razel Dazzle by Elizabeth Morgan

Title: Razel Dazzle
Series: No
Author: Elizabeth Morgan
Published: 2011 Cobblestone Press
Format: Ebook provided for review

Famous for her long, golden hair and beaming smile, Razel is the hottest model in town. But although most women would die to break into this career, Razel's life is limited by rules. None of which bothered her until she meets Matthew Prince, a new photographer in the business.

Razel refuses to let her mother/agent strict rules stop her from spending one night with the man of her desires. But she quickly discovers that one night with Matthew isn't enough, and being with him is something she definitely wants in life.

But how will she break the tight restraints of her wicked mother?

Razel is a model. But she’s not just any model, she is the supermodel. Matthew is a photographer who is lucky enough to get a shoot with her. And when they see each other there is an instant connection.

But Razel’s mother is a real… bitch. She controls every single aspect of Razel’s life. Every. Single. Aspect.

I didn’t realize at first that this was a bit of a remake of Rapunzel, and I’m not sure why I didn’t. But it’s a cute way to modernize the story. My favorite part of this story was Matthew, the tortured love interest. He was lost without Razel, and I just love the tortured men. However, I wasn’t really a big fan of Razel, herself. She was so very sheltered in her life, I just felt like she didn’t have enough experience to be the type of character I wanted to read about. Razel’s mother was also a treat to read about, being such a horrible and vindictive person. I definitely think there is more story there.

All in all the story was pretty interesting. I wished it were a bit longer, so that there could be more development of and between the characters. But if you are looking for a quick read, this one surely will hit the mark coming in at under 100 pages. And if you are a fan of modernized fairytales, then I definitely recommend this one! Elizabeth Morgan, the author, has a lot of stories in her and I’m just getting started on them. But I already love how different this one was from her other story I’ve reviewed, On The Rocks.

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