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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: The Test by Lynn Myshe Joseph

Title: The Test
Series: No, but I sure wish it was!
Author: Lynn Myshe Joseph
Published: October 2012, Horny Devil Publishing
Format: Ebook provided for review
Tour: No

Inquisitive about her salacious needs, excitement attacks Deeta when she comes across a chat room tailored to fit her every secret desire. A charming purity that oozes obedience ignites the Dom in Roland, urging him to take advantage of the innocence before him. Can one night convince Deeta that Roland is the man who will master her forever?

A quick review of comments on Goodreads, and I’m very excited to get into this story. Plus I’ve not read a book from Horny Devil Publishing that I didn’t like! The crew over there seems to have a great selection of books to choose from, and I’m loving it!

This story is about Deeta. Deeta considers herself plus size, but is really more just voluptuous. And she is ready to explore a more submissive side to herself. She decides that online is as good of a place as any, and she joins a website that caters to the D/s lifestyle. I really loved this aspect, mixing the technology into the BDSM world. It also really added a certain mystery to it all that played out perfectly.

Master R is one of the Doms who takes notice of her, and it doesn’t take long for them to build a rapport in private chat sessions. R is definitely a “take charge” kind of man. Even online and behind pixels he evokes power and sensuality. No brainer that I’m totally in love with him immediately!

And then the story breaks off, one section in the past when they are speaking online and one section in the present when they are to meet. And then back and forth a bit. I really loved how this was done, giving you history and present all at the same time.

I won’t give away any more secrets, the book itself is roughly 50 pages. However, I can tell you that I found it extremely hot and erotic, pure perfection in those 50 pages. Deeta is a woman teetering on the edge of discovering a new facet to herself, and R is the man at the reigns. And when the two meet, it is nothing less than spectacular.

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