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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Interview/Giveaway: Mandy M Roth

A King's Ransom
Masters of Pleasure
Reagan Hawk

From King to Captive...

On a quest to find his brother, King Kritan of Katarian on the planet of Panucia finds himself ambushed, beaten, tortured and then sold to fight in the arena games. The people of Tamonius--his rival kingdom--condone slavery, take public sex to new lows and try to turn a profit off anything they can. Nothing can change his hatred for everything Tamonius... that is until he meets the most breathtakingly beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes upon. Surina of the House of Argyros, daughter to a powerful senator stirs the beast within him, making it want to lay claim to her as badly as the man does.

From Captive to King...

Free or not, Kritan is a master of seduction and has selected Surina as his newest prey. But this virginal beauty has secrets of her own--ones that change everything. And destiny just might have the last laugh.

Warning: Novel contains graphic violence, explicit sex, MF and MFM scenes, forced seduction, raw and gritty scenes of a society without order, sex scenes that may be offense to some, an alpha male shifter king who sees what he wants and goes for it, all else be damned, a head guard who has many secrets but shares a passion for the heroine and a virginal heroine who has longed to be taken rough and claimed fully by a man. This novel is not for everyone or the faint of heart.

Yay!!!  I'm super excited for today!  I got a chance to interview Mandy M Roth!!  Yes, I know, you are totally jealous, right?! I hope you enjoy the interview, and the giveaway at the end.  Also, you get bonus points for checking out my secondary post today "Nobody Asked Me / Childhood Favorites" and you can do that HERE .  So without further babble from me, here's the interview! Hope you enjoy! :)


Hey Mandy!  Thanks for being here today!
Thanks for having me!

Let’s get right into it.  A King’s Ransom releases this month on the 21st.  What can you tell us about this title, maybe something that’s not in the blurb? 
I can’t reveal too much beyond what is in the blurb about the title. I will say the series title got its name because it follows many of the royals on their journey to find love.

Now this book is the first in a new series, and it takes place on another planet, like several other of your books do.  How do you go about creating an entirely new world from scratch?
I love basing my fiction out of some grain of reality. I have always had a strong love of history so I will often take my grain of truth from a page in a history book. Masters of Pleasure is set on a planet that has different kingdoms, each taking a page from history themselves. I thought it would be fun to explain some of Earth’s past by claiming it was once inhabited by a large portion of the people that live on the planet of Panucia (from Masters of Pleasure).  Hint: they were thought of as gods here among our kind.

A lot of your books have sci-fi elements.  Do you feel like the audience for this genre is growing attention lately?
I hope so but I’m not sure. I’ve been writing sci-fi for nearly ten years (along with writing paranormal). Sci-fi is something I absolutely love to write so I can only hope the genre grows in popularity.

You also include some deliciously hot sexy scenes – does this come easy for you?
Thank you! Yes. When I sent in my first book I didn’t realize it was considered erotic. I just wrote what I liked to read.

Mandy, is there any genre you haven’t written, but want to?
I have always had a strong love of history so I’d love to write historicals at some point. I haven’t narrowed down a period in history yet though. I like them all.

You have a lot of pen names!!  I think its great, and kind of fun, too.  But why?
I write in so many genres it was important to me to give the readers a visual divide. That way, if a reader finds me because of my paranormal books but does not like westerns they won’t accidentally auto buy a western from me because its clearly listed under a pen name. I’m very open about my pen names in case any of my readers want to read whatever I write regardless of genre.

Do you have a favorite character from one of your own books?
I’m asked this often and I have yet to ever really truly narrow one down. I fall in love with them all in some form and fashion. Even side characters end up holding a special place in my heart.

You also run Raven Books with Michelle Pillow.  Do you have any new releases coming up there
that you’d like to share?
TJ Michaels has a release the first part of June called Niah’s Pride. I can’t wait for others to get to read it too. It’s a great book!

What about you?  Do you have any other projects coming up in the near future that you can share with us?
I do—A King’s Ransom (Masters of Pleasure) by Reagan Hawk and Their Virgin Slayer (Devils Among Us) by Darby London.

Mandy… multiple series, multiple pen names, Raven Books, street teams, personal life… How in the world do you balance it all?
I’m a touch OCD (that is putting it mildly). My charts have charts. LOL I stay on task and enjoy being busy. My family knows they come first and now that my boys are all in their teens it is much easy to wear many hats.

Thanks again, Mandy, for taking the time today!  I had a lot of fun! Have a great day! 
Thank you so much for having me! 

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A King's Ransom

A King's Ransom

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