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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quote-Tastic - Pleasure Cruise by Mandy M Roth and Michelle Pillow

Hey everyone!!!  Welcome to another awesome week of quotes!  I can't wait to see what everyone has this week.  I just saw Herding Cats & Burning Sheep has one of Laura Kaye's book, North of Need up for quote, so be sure you check that out!

This week I have a quote from Pleasure Cruise by Mandy M Roth and Michelle Pillow.  I started and finished this book today - it was awesome! I'll have a review up some time this week.  

The thing about Mandy and Michelle is that they are funny as individuals, but get them together and they are hilarious!  This quote is right from the beginning of the book and it had me in giggles  - so hopefully you will like it too!

This paragraph is from a memo sent from The Powers That Be regarding the upcoming Pleasure Cruise: 

We do expect some opposition amongst the supernatural factions to this plan. Not all species will be happy to have their food source considered as suitable mate material. If questioned, you are authorized to cite declaration thirteen: The gods have willed it so. If they continue to question our judgment, turn their names over for possible smiting. We expect banshees and leprechauns to give us the most problems. You all know how they are when dealing with change.

So that's it.  Short and sweet, and a bit funny.  The crack about banshees and leprechauns had me giggling.  The book was funny and super duper hot, so I would definitely recommend it - and you can see why in review later this week! 

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