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Monday, May 6, 2013

Quote-tastic!! Tears Of The Broken

So Anna has created a new meme, I'm hoping it will be a weekly thing.  I know Anna loves quotes, she always picks such wonderful ones for her posts.  But here is something you might not know about me - I LOVE QUOTES TOO!!! 
Seriously folks, I can't get enough of em :)  

So click on the button above to go to this week's page over at Anna's (Herding Cats & Burning Soup) and let's make this a success together.  Do you have any favorite quotes?  I'd love to hear them, or I'd love to visit your page after you join in the fun!  Leave me a comment and I will visit you back and check out your quotes!

So my quote this week is from Tears Of The Broken, by AM Hudson.  Something about this series.... I can't even tell you.  It speaks to me, and I just adore it to pieces.  The quote I am sharing today actually just spoke to the romantic inside me that when I saw it, I copied it and sent it to a friend, exclaiming that it was exactly what my dreams would be.  This book is full of terrific passages, but this one melted my heart!

Tears Of The Broken
(The Dark Secrets Series)
AM Hudson

“Do you have any idea what you did to me today?” David edged a little closer. My head moved in a silent no, while my eyes dodged his. “Ara, when you looked at me that way—with those stunning, soulful, blue eyes of yours—you tunnelled right into me. You reached a part of me that has never been touched. Ever. I almost fell into a thousand pieces on the floor. I—”He looked away as my eyes met his. “I knew, from that moment on, you were mine.”

I know its not a long quote, but the beauty of the statement, the whole scene just moved me.  I hope you enjoyed it! I read this book over a year ago, so unfortunately I don't have the whole scene saved - but hey, that just means you can go read it!

Here is my full review of Tears Of The Broken and the second book after that, Knight Of The Rose

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