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Monday, May 13, 2013

Quote-Tastic! Up To Me

Yay!!  Second time around for Quote-Tastic!  Today I have a quote from Up To Me by M. Leighton.  My friend, Naomi, at Nomi's Paranormal Palace has turned me on to this author, and I suddenly can't get enough.  Up To Me is the second book in the Bad Boys series.  You can read my review of the first one HERE.  That was called Down To You.  I haven't reviewed Up To Me yet, maybe next weekend.  Enough of my babble! 

"Do me a favor, " he whispers, curling my fingers over the back of his and bringing them to his mouth.


His eye never leave mine as he brushes his lips over my knuckles. "Dream of me tonight, " he says softly. He watches me, waiting for a response. I have no words, so I simply nod. He doesn't need to know that no one ever occupies my dreams. No one.

 "Dream of my lips, teasing you." Straightening one of my fingers, he kisses the tip. His voice is like velvet and his words are like an aphrodisiac. "Dream of my tongue, tasting you." His tongue sneaks out to flick the end of my finger. A surge of desire rocks my core. "And I'll dream of you. Of what it feels like to be inside your warm, wet body." As if to show me what he feels, Cash sucks my finger into his mouth and pulls it in and out of his mouth., back and forth over his tongue. I can barely breathe.

He pulls it out, but before he lets it go, he gives it a gentle bite. I feel a burn in the pit of my stomach, a drop of lave in a boiling volcano.

 "Goodnight, Olivia." he says quietly. And then he walks away.

Seriously, these books are HOT.  And just cause I can, here's the cover to the first one.

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  1. That is one hot scene!

    How do you get the linky?

  2. hey Bea! Anna posted this on facebook, but I don't think Disqus will let me put the code here. Here is the link where we were talking about it. And now I'm going to test what she said

  3. Yep Bea on the post on my site right above where the sign up linky is there's a little bit of code you just copy and paste in yours :) I'll include it at the bottom each week if yall want to add it in. And Liz ya did good with it!

  4. Holy. Crap. Liz. I mean seriously. Whew. I'm gonna be dreaming about that even if she doesn't. lol Man alive. And dag those covers are just lickable. Thanks for joining in and sharing the yummy. I'm headed to my wish list now to make sure they're on it for when I get back from my trip in June.

  5. The books are HOT. The first more so than the second, just by quantity. The second had a lot of other types of action. I am toying with giving them away for the Bad Boys hop, since the series is called The Bad Boys. *sigh* I love bad boys.

    And the covers, um yeah, I want these in wallpaper size!

  6. Ahhh I was so gonna buy them in print because, well, yeah. BUT the print ones have different covers! so very very sad! lol I'm still toying with my giveaway for it. I'm thinking Madeline Sheehan's Undeniable series. We shall see!

  7. Yeah, I'm not really digging those gray covers :(

  8. Oh what a tease that man is. These books sound fantastic :)

  9. They are they are!!! I can't wait for the third one, I think it comes out in September. I've been harassing people, trying to get a review copy before then - but I think they don't want to talk to me! LOL Thanks for coming by :)

  10. Oh Cash gets my girly bits all tingly. Still have to read this one.



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