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Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: Avoiding Commitment by KA Linde

Title: Avoiding Commitment
Series: Avoiding #1
Author: K.A. Linde
Published: July 2012
Format: ebook provided for review

Jack and Lexi never had a typical relationship. After 2 years without speaking, she receives a phone call that changes everything. He unexpectedly asks her to convince the new girl, Bekah, that he's ready to commit. Jack is calling now after everything they had been through because there is another woman. She can't believe it. Follow Lexi in this heart wrenching drama as she relives her past relationship, or lack thereof, with Jack, and not just in her own mind, but to his fiance-to-be. Throw in Bekah's hot brother who always seems to be in the right place at the right time, a past with more secrets to unravel than you can even imagine, and you get a recipe for disaster. Find out what happens to Lexi as she travels to Atlanta to get the closure she so desperately desires from Jack, and how the bumps of life seem to keep getting in the way.

Avoiding Commitment was a trainwreck. No, not cause of the writing – the writing was good. But the characters? They all need some help, lots of help. I didn’t really like any of them, but I don’t think you were supposed to. I mean, they were selfish, manipulative liars. *sigh*  Jack and Lexi had one of those toxic relationships.  you know the kind: great sex, some denied emotions, enough baggage to fill an airport. There were a few times I rooted for them, but  I wanted them to just stay away from each other.

First we have Lexi. She gets a phone call at the crack of dawn from her ex, Jack. Jack wants her to fly down south to meet his current girlfriend, Bekah. Seems Bekah is having some trust issues that she thinks meeting all of Jack’s exes will fix. I’m screaming at this point (figuratively, of course!) “No Lexi – don’t do it!!!” But she does. She totally didn’t listen to me. It doesn’t matter that they haven’t spoken in almost two years, and the last time they saw each other it ended on bad terms. Ladies, most of us have probably had that man in our lives, that one you can’t say "no" to even when you know it is going to cause you nothing but heartache and trouble. Well Jack is Lexi’s man. This is at a point where I still liked Lexi. But that changed, a lot. And then it changed some more.

And then we have Jack. Jack is an ass. I could really stop the description of him there. He is the gorgeous playboy who never gets caught. He’s the guy with the Midas touch. He’s the arrogant, cocky, douchebag who somehow gets everyone to kiss his ass constantly. I didn’t like him at all through this story. I’ve dated “Jacks” in my life. I was not impressed with any of his manipulation. And there were some points of this story that he was just downright cold. Nope, not a fan.

So yeah, Lexi goes and gives in. She meets Bekah who is like a sweet southern belle, with a bit of duality in her. She’s like that sickly sweet frosting that gives you a stomach ache after eating, and you then realize it wasn’t as great as you thought it was. Yep, that’s Bekah in a nutshell. I didn’t buy the fact that she wanted to meet Jack’s ex’s. I didn’t buy the fact that Jack was okay with it. And I didn’t buy the fact that Lexi went along with it. Who the hell are these people?? And then I took a couple days to think about it. I’ve known these people. Maybe not this situation specifically, but I certainly have known these drama magnets in my life.

Throw in Lexi’s bff, Chyna, and Bekah’s brother, Ramsey, and a few other minor characters and you have a complete cast of everyone you don’t really want to know. I did like Chyna, but she wasn't in the story as much as I would have needed her to be, to redeem Lexi. And Ramsey... *sigh*  I wanted to like him, but I just don't trust him.

And yet I couldn’t put the book down. I wanted to. They made me so mad. Crossover feelings, lying, cheating, manipulation, game playing… this book had everything. It's told in present tense, and then there will be a flashback chapter to a telling moment in Jack and Lexi's history.  I did really like the format, it felt like it fleshed everything out without overloading me on a bunch of side information that I didn't need.

I think this book will really appeal to some people. I thought it was terrific on some points. It really evoked some strong emotions in me, like disgust with the characters lol. But you don’t have to like the characters to like the book, know what I mean? Sometimes you just love to hate the characters, and this book has it in spades.  But the story, itself, was pretty good too.  Not every story is a love story.  Not every person is in love and does right by the person who loves them... some people... well, they are just Avoiding Commitment.

Have you read this book?  What did you think of Jack, Lexi, and Bekah?  Did you like any of them?  Let's dish!

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