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Monday, June 24, 2013

Quote-Tastic - Hearts In Darkness by Laura Kaye

Welcome to another round of Quote-Tastic!! Quote-Tastic is the fun weekly meme started by Herding Cats & Burning Soup to celebrate some of our favorite books!

This week I am sharing from Hearts In Darkness by Laura Kaye.  If you haven't read this book, I urge you to do so immediately.  There is just something so special, so wonderful about it... It instantly made it to my all time favorite's list.   For those who don't know, it's the story of a man and a woman - stuck in an elevator. 

Caden didn't respond, and Makenna was almost certain she'd put him to sleep.  Then he said, quietly, "I really like the sound of your voice."

Makenna's flush ran down into the neck of her silk blouse.  Saying she was pretty hadn't gotten to her, but his sayign he liked her voice set butterflies loose in her stomach.

"Me, too.  I mean, your voice.  I like it, too.  Your voice, that is."  Makenna bit her lip to cut off the spectacular stream of nonsense coming out of her mouth, then pretended to thunk herself in the forehead.  In that moment, she was glad for the darkness. 

It's on my list to write a review up, maybe I will actually get to that this week.  In the meantime, just go buy it.  You definitely will be glad you did.

So that's my quote for the week.  What's yours?  Sign up on the link, and have some fun with us!

Hearts In Darkness