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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Excerpt/Giveaway: Shayla's Story by Beverly Preston

Shayla's Story
Beverly Preston

People come into your life for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime ~
A Reason…
Questioning her relationship with a man who worships politics more than her, Shayla Clemmins escapes reality for the seductive sunsets of Greece. There she finds exactly what she didn’t know was missing from her life, but fears she’ll lose him to her past.
A Season...
John Mathews works hard and plays even harder. When he finds a new passion in the sensual warmth of Greece, he discovers that one lust-filled weekend of romance is just not enough.
A Lifetime...
With Shayla’s past catching up to her and an anonymous threat to her future, can she and John make a lifetime together?

Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoy the excerpt, and be sure to enter the giveaway!


The twelve hour flight felt like it raced by in twelve minutes. The armrest acting as vital separation from John on the flight to Greece was now immediately hidden between the fully reclined leather seats. They both lay on their sides. Shayla snuggled as close as she could get with her arms tucked between them. John caught her hand, kissing each knuckle before taking her mouth in a fierce, insatiable kiss.
Neither spoke much, only low murmurs between dozens of erotic toe-curling kisses and heavy petting that nearly made her climax in her seat. Shayla didn’t want to sleep, but eventually dozed off, half-stretched across his lap.
A dim glow illuminated the plane’s interior, casting shadows over John’s slumbering face. Sleep relaxed the tiny muscles near his eyes, depicting his age more clearly. Unaware of how long she’d slept or where they were in route, Shayla dreaded the fact she was closer to Vegas. Wetness gathered between her cheek and the warm leather. She wiped her face and untangled herself from John, climbing over him carefully so as not to disturb him.
“Where are you going?” he asked, his voice a strand of silk.
She bent, nuzzling his ear. “Be right back.”
He locked onto her wrist, blinking to adjust to the darkness. He examined her face, frowning with concern.
She smiled, carefully, and winked, easing out of his grip, hoping her sadness would be masked as fatigue from jet lag.
She escaped into the lavatory and locked the door. Glimpsing her shattered reflection in the mirror, she grabbed a hand towel from the stack and ran it under cold water. She held it to her puffy eyes, praying it would ease her pain. 
“Shay?” he whispered at the door, knocking lightly.
She tossed the rag in the sink and opened the door. Unable to muster a smile, she merely stood there.
John maneuvered into the cramped quarters and she backed against the small granite countertop. Taking one look at her, he gave a sympathetic hum.
She folded her arms across her chest. “God. Please stop making that sound. It makes me feel even more pathetic. Seriously, I just need to pull myself together. Every time I get within a five-foot radius you, I’m either crying or coming.”
“I prefer the coming.” A flash of white crossed his somber face and he closed the small gap between them. “And don’t forget the laughing. Damn, I love your smile.”
“How long—”
“Shh,” he whispered into the curve of her neck, licking and nipping with his teeth. A smooth sensual groan crooned from her throat. “We’re not gonna talk. We’re not gonna discuss how long or tomorrow.” John lifted his elbow, bumping off the light switch.
“Hey, wait, I like seeing you.” Her complaint went unheard as he stripped off her shirt, devouring her shoulder.
“I want you to remember right now. Forever.” John shimmied her jeans to the ground and lifted her on the counter. He brought her hands to his face, brushing a kiss to the palm of her hand. “It’s just you and me, soaring a mile above any land mass. Nothing else matters, Shay. Nothing. I’ve never felt so connected to anyone as I feel with you.”

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