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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Interview with TJ Hamilton, author of Buying Thyme

Buying Thyme
TJ Hamilton

Miranda is a high-class escort at the most prestigious escort agency in Sydney, Australia. Her Madam, Miss Stephanie commands the highest standard from her working girls and has taught Miranda the very best in the art of seducing men. Although it was never the life Miranda imagined for herself, she makes more than a decent living from it and always seems to be in demand from the Agency’s top clients.

American-born Joe Tench is one of Sydney’s most prominent businessman, owning the majority of the nightlife in Sydney, and across the country, but there is a dark side to Joe Tench. He is a regular client of Miranda's, he is also demanding, dominating and hard to handle. Miranda finds herself falling for Joe Tench’s unfamiliar, yet enticing charm. Until she meets Tom Smythe, heir to a wealthy mining company and amongst the top ten wealthiest families in Australia. The two develop a strong friendship after a chance meeting.

Miranda is caught between her feelings for these two very different men until a personal tragedy sees Miranda embark on a journey of discovery... and into a world she finds difficult to escape from.

Today I have on the blog an Aussie author that I had the pleasure of interviewing not too long ago!  I haven't read this book quite yet, but I do have it on the list.  I hope you enjoy the review!  Make sure to say hello to TJ once you're done, show her some love! Thanks everyone!


Hey TJ.  Thanks for joining me today!

You’re new book, Buying Thyme, has just been published a couple months ago.  Can you tell us a little about the book, something other than the blurb?
The story follows a girl called Miranda. She’s a hooker… but a hooker with a good heart! She gets paid a bucket load to pleasure men, and she is very good at it. She is totally in control of her life and her choices. When a regular client, Joe Tench, shows her more interest than just his paid for whore, she starts to question whether she could be with someone like him. Did I mention the fact that Tench is ridiculously wealthy and also a crime boss? Enter the mysterious Tom Smythe, also ridiculously wealthy and also a client of Miranda’s. There is something not quite right with both of these men. Miranda can’t help but want to find out what it is. But is this a mistake that will cost her her life?
Hmmmm, well you can't go wrong with ridiculously wealthy, right?  It sounds interesting!

What inspired this book?
I lived with a girl in my twenties who was a high-class escort. What always surprised me about all the girls I met when I lived with her was that they were all so normal! There is a stereotype of these girls that is completely wrong. I found they all have a life that is actually glamorous and they always had top wardrobes and men falling at their feet! When I joined the police force, I also worked with quite a few sex workers around the city. They were one of my main sources of information on some jobs. The smart ones are very smart & do well for themselves. They all trusted me because I had no preconceived judgment of them and treated them the same as anyone else in the world. So with this book, I really wanted people to see that these working girls do actually live quite an exciting life.
I just love when books are inspired by real life experiences :)

What’s a day in the life like of TJ Hamilton?
I’m usually up at the crack of dawn with my 8-month-old daughter! Not by choice I can assure you! I prepare school lunches for my big 9-year-old boy and send him on the bus to school. Once my lucky husband rises, I leave baby with him and run about 8km (about 5 miles) down to the beach to my favorite coffee shop. Hubby and baby meet me there (because we live on a big hill & there is no way I am running back up that thing!) & we have a dirty big coffee. Generally my day is spent baby wrangling, but sometimes I like to follow my husband around to his castings. He’s a model so I love hanging out to watch the copious amounts of eye candy walking in… who wouldn’t right? I like to call myself his fluffer! Ha ha ha… Oh & I write too (probably the most understated comment). There are not too many places I go without note pad, iPad or laptop!
Your husband sounds like a hell of a man to meet you at the bottom!  And heck, I don't think I would mind going on set,either!

When you are reading for your own pleasure, what is your “go to” genre?
I love Mystery and a bit of crime. Martina Cole and an Aussie author, Tara Moss are my 2 favs in that genre.
Ohh, I've never read her!  I'll have to check her out.

What is the best part of being an author?
I still find it difficult to call myself that! But the best part about being an author is not changing out of my pajamas for the day if I don’t want to!
That is definitely an awesome perk!

Is there a subject out there that you haven’t written about yet, but is on your wishlist of future books to write?
I feel like my writing is shifting towards crime. After being a cop for 6 years, it’s kind of a natural progression I guess. But I couldn’t have a book without a bit of smut in it! Ha ha ha
You know I love smut! 

Ok, time for something a little more fun.  If you could transport yourself to any book by any author, which book would it be?
Well, this is a little left field here… but I would love to be in Michael Marshal-Smith’s Only Forward. It’s actually my husband’s favorite book. It is a Sci-fi, which is definitely not my thing, but this book is so out there & the places he writes about are so unreal & something I would just love to see once!

If you could not write books anymore, which job do you think you would like best (if money were no concern)?
I’d love to be an international spy! Ha ha ha… but seriously… The excitement of it is what gets me! Plus I’m nosy… I like knowing things! I worked in intelligence for a while & it was definitely full of excitement!
I think that would be an insanely exciting job!

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Write everything down! Get it all out first and then go over it and over it until every sentence is polished to perfection! Take advice however you want and grow some thick skin… you need it in this cutthroat industry!

Ok, now I’m going to give you $3,875,624 (I’m lying, really)  What are you going to do with it?
Is that Australian currency? Our exchange rate is terrible at the moment! Ha ha ha… I would buy a house in Sydney that has a writer’s studio & a fully stocked bar!
That sounds like one hell of an idea, I second that!

And lastly, we’re all adults here, or at least we think we are, right?  So do you have a favorite cuss word, and why (or why not!)?
Well I think because I worked with men for so long, I say fuck more than I should & I do like to drop the “C bomb” occasionally… just for effect! But it is really only in front of my husband… who surprisingly still thinks I’m ladylike! J
Fuck is probably one of the best words every invented, that's for sure!

Thanks for chatting with me today, TJ!

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