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Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: Yes, My Mistress by Jennifer Cole

Title: Yes, My Mistress
Series: Le Club d'Esclavage, Book three
Author: Jennifer Cole
Published: January 2010, Lyrical Press
Format: ebook received for review

Fantasies become reality at the threshold of Le Club d'Esclavage. Dani Miller is the kind of girl who does her best to make everyone happy. She helps her parents out at their diner, she helps remind her friends to laugh, and she's always ready to take orders from her customers. When it's her turn to give the orders, the hunky bouncer at Le Club E'sclavage is just the man to follow her. From a distance, Mike Ranger watches the pint-sized mistress build confidence in her power to give commands, while the Dominant in him waits for the perfect opportunity to reveal himself. When the two discover passion that creates the perfect bonds, the orders given by the right man can be the sweetest treat to savour. Content Warning: Warning, this title contains the following: graphic language, explicit sex, bondage, mastery, the use of sex toys, and nontraditional sexuality.

Here we go, the whole background and everything for the girl’s night out. Yes, My Mistress is Dani’s story. It was pretty interesting, and I’m glad it was the third book.

In this story, we find out about Dani. As it turns out, she’s a little mastermind. I totally love her ability to think ahead and plan everything out – because it paid off in spades for everyone involved.

Dani, like the other women, has a lacking sex life. She needs something a bit different, and she thinks she knows what. She feels like she has a Domme inside her waiting to get out. So she goes to Le Club d’Esclavage and meets with the manager, Troy, to set up some training sessions. Fortunately, that means she gets playtime with Ransom and Troy. But unfortunately for me, that also means there is no sex – just instruction.

But while at the club Dani sees Mike, head of security. This man is described as HUGE. And yes, I mean HUGE. When they see each other you can practically see the lightening bolts travel between them. And he does my favorite Alpha male thing in the world, he declares she is his. So when Troy takes her on as a student, you can imagine Mike isn’t all that happy. But those two are friends, so what’s a few death threats among friends? I loved Mike. He has so many sides to him, just like Dani. Neither one is fully Dom or fully submissive.

When they finally get together, its superb. I loved every minute of it. Jennifer Cole was able to keep the heat ratcheted up when they get together. It will leave you sweating. The only thing I would have wished for in this book is more sex. There was a lot of back ground and leading up to the point, which all was necessary. But I still missed the sex haha. But I’m a bit dirty, and “more sex” is always the answer when it comes to my reading preferences!

All in all, I thought this series was fantastic. I loved how everything revolved around one night, and then how it all came together. I definitely suggest reading them all in order, and get ready for some heavy breathing!

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