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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guest Post/Giveaway: The Harder He Falls by Sidney Bristol

The Harder He Falls
Sidney Bristol

A woman who doesn’t have time for love…

A hot night full of hotel-destroying sex was all Kellie wanted from her client-turned-sex god. Between family and work, there isn’t room for love, just hot, sweaty lust. An arrangement for mutual gratification is exactly what Kellie wants, but every kiss, each mind-blowing orgasm twines her heart around a man she cannot have.

A man building a new life…

Quinton’s assumptions about the So Inked shop owner are turned on their head after one session under her tattoo machine. Kellie’s not the vandal he’s looking for, but she’s the woman he wants. In his bed, on the desk or under the stars, he’ll take her any way he can get her. But Quin has secrets and someone is out to destroy him. Someone who has their sights set on Kellie now.

Thanks so much to Liz for hosting me on Fictional Candy today!

I’m Sidney and currently I’m touring the blogesphere to celebrate the release of the latest So Inked book, The Harder He Falls. The series is all about the So Inked tattoo shop and the four women who work there. Yes, it’s an all female cast of tattoo artists and shop manager!

The Harder He Falls is the story of the shop’s co-owner, Kellie, as she juggles life, tattooing and a new man in her life. The hero’s no slouch, though! Quin is a mixed martial arts coach and former Marine. These two are one explosive couple, and writing the book was a blast!

One part of the series I enjoy the most is the continual research I’ve been doing about tattoos. Since the series is based in a tattoo shop, I figured it was pretty important I know a few things about the process and art. At a glance, it’s pretty obvious I’ve been in a tattoo shop or two myself, but like any subculture there’s a lot more depth there.

For example, did you know that there are different schools of tattooing and art? Almost every culture has a tattoo history, and they’ve evolved over time, meshing with other traditions. Most tattoo artists can do just about any type of tattoo with a little study, but there’s generally one style they gravitate toward more than any other. The heroine of The Harder He Falls has a specialty of Asian tattoos, specifically the Japanese variety.

The Japanese tattoos are almost a language unto themselves. Different elements or objects have a host of meaning and history behind then, that can be changed or layered with other things woven into the design, change the position or color. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the tattoos for the books, but I have a feeling I’ve only scratched the surface.

Take the geisha tattoo for example.

At a glance, it clearly depicts a very familiar figure in Japanese culture. The identifiers are easy to pick up on. Almost all geisha tattoos involve a woman with black hair, a face painted white with red lips and an ornate kimono. Those are things that are easy to pick up on. But the tattoo can take on other meanings depending on the elements used. Including the cherry blossom, for example, is a nod to the fragility of life.

It seems rather fitting that the geisha is a popular tattoo figure for men and women since the original geisha women were artists themselves. While here in the West, the geisha is an exotic beauty, with no little sexual charm, in Japan the geisha translates literally to “art person,” or art in human form.

I’m going to give away one digital copy of the first So Inked book, Under His Skin, to one random commentor. Talk to me about your tattoo likes, dislikes or questions! 

It can never be said that Sidney Bristol has had a ‘normal’ life.  She is a recovering roller derby queen, former missionary, and tattoo addict. She grew up in a motor-home on the US highways (with an occasional jaunt into Canada and Mexico), traveling the rodeo circuit with her parents. Sidney has lived abroad in both Russia and Thailand, working with children and teenagers. She now lives in Texas where she splits her time between a job she loves, writing, reading and belly dancing.

The Harder He Falls, So Inked #2   Ellora’s Cave | Barnes and Noble | Amazon


Kellie  shifted on the wooden bench, still restless. The evening breeze was cooler than normal thanks to a cold front blowing in. It was ridiculous that dropping into the nineties was considered a cool spell, but in the height of Texas summer, you took what you got. She swept her hair up into a knot and tipped her head back. The slight dampness of her skin, courtesy of the ever-present humidity, was a small price to pay for being able to sit outside. She’d shed the formfitting dress for jeans and a tank top and felt more like herself for it.

“How hot does it get here?” Quin plunked down their dinner and sat on his side of the picnic table. Behind him the food truck was starting to pack up.

“Can’t handle the heat?” It was too much to ask that the man be able to cope with everything. He’d sat through the tattoo yesterday without complaint, being a heat weenie wasn’t terrible.

His brilliant blue eyes stood out in the dim illumination of the parking lot light. “When you have A/C, why should you?”

“You do realize that it’s going to get at least ten degrees hotter and stay there, don’t you?” She unwrapped the tacos and inhaled the spicy aroma of peppers and onions mixed with tender beef.

Quin made a show of wiping his forehead with a napkin. “I’m going to melt.”

“Why the hell are you still here then?”

He hefted his burrito and wrapped the tortilla tighter. “Family.”

She nodded, understanding that reason above all others.

They descended into companionable silence while they ate. The garbled sounds of a Tejano station melded with the distant sounds of Highway 75 and the light street traffic up and down Greenville Avenue.

“What are you so wound up about, doll?”

Her head snapped around. Quin watched her with one brow arched.

“What?” she asked.

“Your knees are bouncing and you keep looking around. Are you expecting someone I don’t know about?” 

He glanced over each shoulder.

The bubble of anger swelling in her breast burst. It wasn’t Quin’s fault she was suffering from a case of bitchitis.

Instead of snapping at him, she put her taco down and massaged her temples. “No, I’m just sitting on too much energy and not enough time to expend it.”

“Ah.” He nodded as if he understood. “We used to call that the fight or fuck stage.”

It was her turn to quirk a brow at him. She shivered despite the heat. He had a point; one or the other would help. “Fight or fuck stage? What did you used to do?”

“First I was in the Marines, then I used to fight MMA, semipro.”

Her eyebrows crept upward. Mixed martial arts? She saw Quin in a whole new light, and when she looked at him in this proverbial light, he looked damn good. Fighters came with their own set of issues, but as an MMA hobbyist herself, Kellie had to admit that her bad boy draw was sitting across from her. Growing up around the gym meant she’d become more than competent in a few martial art forms. As an adult, branching out into the grappling, wrestling and more violent aspects had given her a much needed outlet.

Kellie grabbed her drink, the cup covered in condensation, and gulped it down to get moisture back in her dry mouth.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I got hurt. Fractured a few vertebrae. Everyone was amazed I could walk after that. Realized there was little to no chance of me coming back from the injury, so I switched over to training. I like it.”

“Do you train around here?” An invisible fist clenched her heart. There had been a time when she would have known the different gyms, who trained where, which ones were worth going to and so forth.

Quin didn’t answer immediately. He chewed his food without haste and took a drink before replying. “I’m transitioning locations. Parting with someone. It’s a little messy.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Yeah, I’ve been there. I’m lucky to have Mary as my co-owner. The guy I worked with before her was a man-child.”

He snorted. “Man-child?”

“Yeah, you know. Frat boy types.”

He tilted his head back and laughed. “That’s a good one, doll. Man-child. I’ll have to remember that.”

The pet name slid over her nerves as if it were sandpaper. “Do you have to call me that?”

“What?” He blinked as if he had no clue what she was talking about.

“Lay off the doll crap already.”

He shrugged. “You look like a doll.”

Her scalp itched and her hand balled into a fist. “You think I look like a whore?” she growled. Moments like these she felt as if she were a passenger in her own body. The urge to do something, or even the man across from her, had her muscles too tense and her nerves strung too tight.

Quin jerked his face away from his cup. “What? No. That’s not what I meant. You’re attractive and exotic-looking. You look more like a doll than a real person.”

Heat crawled up her neck and she was thankful the parking light was their only illumination. It was the most convoluted compliment anyone had ever paid her, and it turned her on even more. She folded her taco wrapper into a neat square.

“You realize the term china doll is what men called Asian prostitutes and war brides?”

“The fuck—no. No, that’s definitely not what I meant. Hey, guys probably hit on you all the time. I figured I had to be a little creative.”

She rolled her eyes. “At least you don’t talk to my boobs.”

His gaze dipped to her chest and her nipples perked up at his inspection. She squeezed her thighs together. 

This was ridiculous. She was not an animal in heat ready to throw herself at some random guy.

“Well, in their defense, most guys probably only come up to your chest, so it’s not entirely their fault.” One side of his mouth kicked up in a roguish smile.

She chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, blame it on me because I’m tall.”

“It’s not your fault you’re tall. It’s their fault they’re short.”

Her phone buzzed against her hip. Conversation forgotten, Kellie dug it out of her pocket and unlocked the screen. The home-care provider always texted her when Grandma finally went to bed. She breathed a sigh of relief when nothing else was mentioned, which meant the day had passed without incident. She had all night before she would need to go home and face those troubles. For now she was her own woman.

“Everything okay?”

She glanced up from the phone. “Yeah.”


“So you moved here for family. Wife? Girlfriend?”

“None of the above.”

He was unattached and available. She went very still, the possibilities running through her head.

Quin cleared his throat. “My schedule right now doesn’t lend itself to dating.”

Even better. She laid her palms on the rough wooden surface of the table. “Neither does mine.”

His stillness echoed hers. A predatory awareness came over him, but she wasn’t prey. “That’s a shame.”

She looked him over, even as he did the same. He wouldn’t be the first client she slept with, she wasn’t a saint. But neither did she know him.

“Excuse me.” The food truck cook had walked up on them without either noticing. “I need to load the table, sorry.” He smiled and wiped his hands on the dirty apron.

Kellie swiped the napkin across her face. Had she really inhaled the burrito? Judging by the sad remnants left, yes she had.

“That’s fine. Thanks for the food.”

She rose, gathered up her trash and tossed it in a recycling bin, then leaned against the front of Quin’s truck, out of the way while Quin lent a hand to their cook and helped load the table. Too many thoughts spun around in her head, she needed a minute to get her head screwed on straight, but she wasted those watching Quin’s arms and the way his t-shirt stretched across his back. She pretended she hadn’t been staring when he headed for her, perching her elbows on the hood  and leaning back. The truck’s grille pressed into her back but with her elbows perched on the edge, it thrust her breasts out. As if she needed to draw any more attention to them.

Quin’s gaze roved freely over her body and she could already anticipate his strong touch. He would be an energetic lover, but would he be gentle? Or rough? Did he always have to stay in control? Because sometimes she liked to put a man through his paces.

“I can’t tell what you’re thinking and I’m dying to know.” He stopped less than a foot away.

She smiled slowly, already having a pretty good idea what his answer to her question would be. “I was wondering if you would like to get a room?”

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  1. I love tattoos in general just not on me, lol. My husband has 3 of them and I love them on him. Of course they look fabulous on some nice beefy man muscles! How many tattoos do you have Sidney and how old were you when you got your first one?
    Very excited to read this book, it sounds awesome! Thanks for the giveaway :)

    Crystal Guidroz

  2. I'm not a tattoo lover, but I have seen some really great work. It will be interesting in 30 years to see how they hold up. My sister has about 7. She has three I really like (celtic floral designs), but 4 are hideous like an ugly Aries sign on her entire calf that looks like the devil.

  3. You do have to pick tattoos carefully for things that look good on your body. When it comes to tattoos and aging, how good am I going to look when I'm 70? Will tattoos matter that much? I think I'll be more interested in pudding flavors than the color of my skin!

  4. Tattoos are not for everyone.

    I was 21 when I started on my first one, which is my back piece. I'd wanted the same design for years, since I was about 16, and I really like it. All in all, I have seven-ish. I say "ish" because I have two pair of tattoos on either shoulder. It's weird to explain, I know!

  5. Sounds like an entertaining series. I haven't read one yet set in a tattoo shop. I love looking at tattoos but omg I am such a chicken and could never get one myself. lol The research into it all does sound interesting :)

  6. I have no tattoos but hubby and I are going to each get a wedding band on in a year for our 20th anniversary...really bad, huh? LOL!

  7. Hubby loves tattoos, but I haven't let him get one as yet..... I'm sure if he was desperate, he'd get it then show me!! lol Love the sound of this book, thanks for sharing!!

  8. I worry about the fact that a tattoo at 20 won't look the same at 60.

  9. I'm so fascinated by artistic tats. I've always said that if I had a symbol or meaning that meant a lot to me, I'd get that inked permanently on me.

  10. yay! As a tattooed person myself, I am definitely "pro-tat" and always encourage people to get them! :)

  11. A lot of people have that fear, but when I have spoken to older tattooed people, it's not always how much how they look when their skin has wrinkled, but the story behind them.

  12. Hey Naomi! :) thanks for coming by! I can't wait to read this book, I hope you like it if you get the chance!

  13. I think that is a wonderful idea <3 Congratulations, early!

  14. They are addicting!! I have two, but it's more like 3 cause I've had one redone. And I'm thinking over winter it will be covered because I hate it. But it's so big, that the new one will turn into a leg sleeve. I can't wait! :)

  15. Pudding is always an important decision (wink!)

  16. Thanks for coming by and for the awesome questions!

  17. Oh dang. You are braver than me. I'd be a little puddle of crying girl. LOL

  18. That's how I chose my tattoos, based on meaning. I have several, all of which have a whole story behind them. Makes me pity the poor random person on the street who comes up to me and wants to ask me about them!! Hope ya got an hour!!

  19. Liz is right! I talk to a lot of the 50+ crowd, who is the second largest demographic to be getting tattooed right now btw, and a lot of them actually regret not getting inked earlier when they thought it would impact how people viewed them. Now, they don't care. No, it's not going to look the same as it will on a 20 year old, but it's about more than looks. It's about creating something and the memories or ideals it captures.

  20. Guys have this strange ability to do exactly what you don't want them to do. *does not look at the garbage that HAS NOT been taken out* I like a tattooed guy! Actually... my shirt today says, "He's cute, but he doesn't have any tattoos," in a cartoon bubble!

  21. I love that idea! I've seen some beautiful wedding band tattoos. Make sure to look through an artists portfolio for someone who has an eye for small, detail work.

  22. A lot of people say that, but you know what? In my opinion, it's not the getting of the tattoo that hurts. It's the healing. That's the part that drives me crazy -- and no one warns you! The itching! The way stuff sticks to you! It's worse than the pain of getting a tattoo.

    In all seriousness, there are parts of the body that are more pain tolerant. For me, my back wasn't painful at all. I actually went to sleep during it. My right arm? Oh. My. God. I can't even think of anything to say that isn't full of profanity...

  23. That would be so cool! I'm lucky enough I like all of my tattoos.

  24. I can never decide on the flavor!!! Don't look in my pantry... There might be a lot of pudding... and every flavor imaginable...

  25. Ooo I'd think back would hurt worse than arm. Oh yeah I'd be horrible at the healing part. It's less the pain and more the seeing what's happening in my head and something being pricked into my skin. I'm the same with shots or anything similar. Nope. I cry like a baby even if it doesn't hurt. LOL

  26. i dont have any but i love to see them on hot men

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