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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guest Post/Giveaway: Stacey Kennedy, author of Claimed

Club Sin
Stacey Kennedy
Presley Flynn is ripe to experience her secret fantasies . . . and Dmitri Pratt wants nothing more than to fulfill them. Once inside the elite Club Sin in Las Vegas, Presley is nervous but excited—and determined to surrender to her every desire. Dmitri is her Master, and his touch is like fire. With each careful, calculated caress, he unleashes her wildest inhibitions, giving her unimagined pleasure.

Presley is different than the other submissives Dmitri has mastered. The BDSM lifestyle is new to her, and so are the games they play at Club Sin. From the start, Presley stirs emotions in him far beyond the raw purity between a dom and the perfect sub. For the ecstasy they share goes beyond the dungeon igniting a passion that claims the very depths of the heart.

Today I am lucky enough to have Stacey Kennedy to the blog!  I've had her over a couple times, and though its been a while, I can tell you she is a fantastic author and a great person.  As for Claimed, I just finished it.  In Claimed we are introduced to the owner of the exclusive BDSM dungeon, CLUB SIN, Dmitri and his new submissive, Presley. Today Stacey is going to chat about why she wrote a BDSM book that only has one sex scene.  I'm going to put the review up later tonight.  It was terrific, I loved every minute.  So on with the guest post - welcome, Stacey!

by Stacey Kennedy

It's hard to believe, right? A BDSM erotica story with only one sex scene? Well, don't be too disappointed--there are "love scenes", but they just don't ever get to THAT point. There is a very good reason for this; Presley is new to the lifestyle.

I admit that it's one thing that always nags at me a bit when I read a book of a woman who enters the lifestyle and is new to the scene, then all of a sudden they are doing CRAZY things that are intense and they seem all right with it all.

Now, of course, there are people out there who are bold and daring and will dive into just about anything. But I imagine for most of us, even if we have dark and sensual fantasies, that there would also be some nerves there. When I wrote CLAIMED, I kept that in mind. I wanted the characters to feel real and honest, and because of that Dmitri took his time with Presley.

I've always felt in the BDSM lifestyle, trust is such a huge part to a D/s relationship. Without it, how could a submissive truly allow a Dom to play with pain? How could someone trust that if they gave up complete control they would be safe?

Through CLAIMED that was what I focused on--showing how trust is gained and why a submissive would give control to someone else and why he deserves to have that control. In all honesty, yes BDSM is about the sex, it's about the fantasy and it's about the kink, but without that powerful relationship where trust is key, safe words would be flying all over the place. And no Dom wants that!

The submissive needs to know that the Dom understands her and that he'd never push her so far that she couldn't trust him. And with Dmitri and Presley, we watch him earn her thrust. We see him play with her (yes, it's packed full of heat), but we don't see him cross lines that would make her uncomfortable.

In the CLUB SIN series, we'll see all types of trust--from Dmitri and Presley's experience of watching it grow to Aidan and Cora's story in BARED where trust is already formed, and what can be built from that trust in a D/s relationship.

So, in the end, that's why there's only one sex scene in CLAIMED. Dmitri had to prove to me why he deserved to have Presley submit to him. And that only happened because he understood exactly what she needed from him. He was patient, gentle in his teachings of her, and considerate of how she felt.

Will he always be so easy going with her? Not likely. He is a Dom after all! And I admit that it's going to be a fun ride watching Presley grow throughout the series. Sure, she won't be the focus of the next books in the series, but we'll see moments that show just how far Dmitri intends to take her!

Trust, for me, in a BDSM story is the key to making it work. And what can I say? I want my heroes to prove to me why their submissives should fall in love with them!!


She’s an urban fantasy lover at heart, but she also enjoys losing herself in dark and sensual worlds. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who gave her a happily-ever-after. Together, they have two small children who can always make her smile, and who will never be allowed to read Mommy’s books. If she's not plugging away at a new story, you'll find her camping, curling up with the latest flick, or obsessing over Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, True Blood and Lost Girl

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