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Monday, August 12, 2013

Quote-Tastic - Play Me

Well, yep, I took last week off.  But I am back again this week, and I have something funny for you.  This is from Play Me by Diane Alberts, which I also have up for review. I'm hoping to get it up tonight...

Anyhow!  Quote-Tastic, it's been created by Herding Cats & Burning Soup as a way for us to share those favorite moments from the books we are reading!  So join in on the fun, and do your own!  Be sure to enter your link in the linky.  If you don't have a blog, just play along in the comments!

So in this scene Garrett and Mike just finished at a bastketball game, and Garrett is going to go spend some time with Kiersten, unbeknownst to Mike :)

"Good.  Now, I need to drink a few beers and find a woman with a lot of daddy issues and no attachment issues whatsoever."  Mike said, gathering up his jacket and clip board.  "You in?"

Garrett hesitated.  Adter all of the ribbing Mike had been giving him, the last thing he wanted to admit was that he was spending his Friday night at Kiersten's.  "Nah.  I think I'm getting sick.  I'm gonna go home and take it easy tonight."

"Like you've been doing almost every weekend lately?  Are you going to shave your legs and douche, too?" Mike snapped?  "What the fuck, man?"

"Yeah, that's exactly right.  I'm going to go home and douche.  See you later, asshole."  Garrett called over his shoulder.  "Don't forget we have our own game tomorrow."

Mike called out, "See you then.  Wear a pretty skirt for me, will ya?"

Garrett flipped him off and stalked out of the gym.



  1. Wickedly DeliciousAugust 12, 2013 at 8:59 AM

    Seen this on Netgalley. Love novels with fun banter between hero and secondary characters. Adds more fun to a novel, breaks it up a little.


  2. Ugh, what an a$$. The kind of character you love to hate. And what a cover!

  3. I liked this book. The hero was a sweetheart.

  4. I bet that Mike's story is next ;) LoL

  5. Oh, Ive never heard of this one. i think I'll be adding it to the TBR! Thanks!


    Where the Night Kind Roam

  6. bwhahaha! love it...where a skirt? lols! great, funny quote

  7. LOL nice. I have this series on the tbr pile. Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun :D

  8. Start it start it! Although I've only read two, and I've certainly not read them in order. But I love her men, she writes awesome men :)

  9. It's really good, I definitely recommend!

  10. I wouldn't mind that! After reading this, he's kind of scared of women in a commitment way, and love needs to teach him a lesson lol

  11. They were actually really funny together, I laughed time and time again :) But the cover, um, yeah, it makes my jaw drop :)

  12. I totally agree. You don't really see it as often as you think you would.


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