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Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Marked by Jennifer James

Title: Marked
Series: Howl, #1
Author: Jennifer James
Published: May 2013, Unbuttoned Press
Format: ebook provided for review

Five years ago she ran. . .

Kayla is back where she belongs: in Jack’s arms. But after the initial explosion of pent up longing and need have passed, she has to convince him to complete the bond between them.

Ingrained fears sent her running, but the need for her mate and the love she’s denied has brought her back. To be Marked will join their souls together forever, a bond Kayla can no longer live without.

An Alpha wolf, Jack waited for Kayla to return to him and protected her from afar. When he senses her outside his home, he isn’t beyond setting a trap meant to entice her back.

Once he has her, he has to show her it isn’t just her heart he needs.

He needs her trust and with it, her submission.

If you’ve spent any amount of time talking to me, I’ve probably recommended a Jennifer James book to you. I love her. She gives me the giddies and she’s done it again with Marked.

This book was super short, basically one scene. The only bad thing I can say about it is that I wish it was longer! I don’t know if Kayla and Jack are introductory characters, or if we are going to get to know them further in the series – but I really loved them.

Kayla took off when she got cold paws, pretty much. She fled from self doubt and feared any relationship she had would mirror that of her parents own abusive history. I really enjoyed her. Even though the story was short, I felt like I got a good impression of this woman shifter. She did what so many others have done when a certain someone gets too close. I can’t fault her.

But then you meet Jack, and he is a lone alpha. He’s spent the last five years without Kayla, and my heart hurts for him. You learn he is oh so clever, and that’s piled on top of his general bad ass self. Yep, I am a Jack fan.

It’s a testament to Jennifer James’ writing that she was able to bring me in as a reader so quickly in this book. I don’t know how many pages this book was. Goodreads says 33. That’s like a blink of the eye to us reviewers, right? But in that time she made me nervous, she made me feel Jack’s broken heart, and Kayla’s remorse. She made me feel the love they shared for each other, and she made me feel their heat. I’d say that means it’s a damn good quick story. I am definitely looking forward for the rest of the series.

Jennifer James hates to talk about herself in the third person and has now started so many series books she’s wondering if she has a mental illness. A traditionally published author who recently dipped her toes into the oceans of Indie land; she’s finding the water quite nice and plans on sticking around. She loves Dirty Palmers in the summer, Spiked Cocoas in the winter, and Jack and Honey with Pepsi any time at all. Recent college grad, wife, mother, cat wrangler, and dog belly scratcher, Jenn spends a lot of time at her computer, frowning at the shenanigans of people only she can hear.