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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Sealed With A Purr by Celia Kyle

Title: Sealed With A Purr
Series: Ridgeville #6
Author: Celia Kyle
Published: August 2013, Summerhouse Publishing
Format: Ebook received for review

Going to Georgia in order to watch over a handful of women is not Harding’s idea of a good time. With the death of Alistair McCain¬—ex-leader of Freedom—there’s a lot of clean up going on. That includes helping Freedom’s released captives recover in a safe environment. Hence, Harding having to make the trip down south. Really…how hard could it be to keep five women safe? Harder than he thinks.

Because there are two women who hardly speak, another who hardly has an inch of control, and then another who feels the last woman rounding out the group should die. It’s that last woman—curvaceous, lush, and gorgeous—that intrigues him the most. Tess is beautiful, alluring, and…his.

Tess knows pain, hatred, and hopelessness. What she doesn’t know is hope or love. Harding Grange is tempting her to discover both…with him. The massive lion shifter entices her with his strength, torments her with his body, and lures her with his tortured memories. They have a painful past in common, but while he’s ready to jump into mating, she’s trying to figure out the easiest way for him to kill her if she goes crazy after she’s Changed. Because she is, after all, Alistair McCain’s daughter.

Sealed With A Purr had me humming the whole way through! I’ve not read any of the other Ridgeville series – yet - but I easily found myself enthralled with the story of Harding and Tess. I didn’t feel lost through the story, having jumped in so late. Things were explained and gone over well enough that I felt up to date on the big things. But let me tell you, some of the characters I met in Sealed With A Purr were so freaking awesome, I am definitely going back and reading their stories!

This book starts with pride Prima, Maya, sending Harding off to be security detail for some of the Sensitives who survived Freedom and the evil Alistair McCain. Harding isn’t overly thrilled, but he is a lion of honor, so off he goes. Harding is an exceptional man who has gone through many horrible things in his life, mainly due to the fact that he is a snow lion. He’s a beastly gigantic man, and a huge lion – even bigger than his Prime. But Harding? His heart is as big as his body. This man…. Whew. I don’t know what to tell you ladies. Maybe it’s the scars, maybe it’s the ferocity in which he protects Tess. Whatever it is, Harding isn’t a lion, he’s a MUTHA-EFFIN-LION. Yep. Decidedly Team Harding over here in the Fictional Candy camp.  And omg, for you lion shifter lovers, this man roars so damn delectably, you are going to find yourself shivering in anticipation of the next one!

One of the ladies Harding goes to guard is Tess, who is the big bad’s daughter. She is also a very powerful sensitive, and she can read minds. This means that voices are constantly in her head. Poor thing! I found Tess to be sweet and caring, and I loved this curvaceous woman. She has been beaten her whole life, to the point of permanent damage. But deep down, she still has that thread of hope. And when she sees Harding the very first time, *sigh*. She doesn’t realize the enormity of the situation, but he does – and her heart does. There is just something about shifters and the fierceness in which they protect those they love that gives me shivers.  Harding isn't the only one who is protective in this story.  Tess steps up to the plate and earns the title of Badass all on her own!

Before ********* could move another muscle, Harding jumped in front of Tess, easily soaring over the shifter’s head and landing with a near noiseless thump. The instant his claws met earth, he released a mountain shaking roar. He spread his maw wide, exposing his four inch fangs as they dripped with saliva, while his rage was voiced to one and all. ********* dared growl in response, so he rose to his back legs and struck out at *********, claws barely missing the ********. He wouldn’t have truly injured [them] but [they] didn’t know that. Fear was an intense motivator.

Mine. He snarled. All mine. The cat roared, his beast stealing more control as the seconds passed.

This book was packed with everything I look for in a shifter romance. Fated mates, intense action, mystery, love (and yes, there is even some teasing moments and some hot heat!) Tess has a long way to go to be the woman she wants to be for Harding, but the thing is, mates don’t travel that road alone. Maybe that’s why I go nuts over stories like this. It’s love on a base level. It’s something you can’t dispute. It’s freaking molecular, ya know? And a bonus - if you like books with mixed shifters you need to try this one.  We're talking elephants, gorillas, squirrels... yep - all kinds of beastly and non-beastly creatures!!  But this story, its more than love or fated mates. It’s about survival. And it's awesome.

Be sure to check out Celia Kyle's page for Sealed With A Purr for an awesome excerpt! CLICK HERE

About the Author:
Celia Kyle is a paranormal erotic romance author and would like to rule the world and become a ninja. As afallback, she’s working on her writing career and giving readers stories that touch their hearts and *ahem* other places. 

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