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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trailer Reveal and HUGE giveaway - Enemy Within by Angeline Kace

Enemy  Within
Angeline Kace

Two guys who’ve stolen her heart.
Three races and only one of them worthy.
Countless enemies with insatiable bloodlust for power.
Will one girl's curse ultimately save her?

Half-vampire Brooke Keller barely survived the slaying of her worst enemy, only to learn that Zladislov—the world's most powerful vampire, leader of the vampire world, and her father—wants her dead. However, this time, she's not only fighting vampires but a raging monster within her that endangers what's left of her humanity. And when a deadly disease threatens to take her best friend's life, Brooke tries to convince Kaitlynn to accept a monster of her own: becoming a Zao Duh.

As a former slave to the Pijawikas, Mirko is driven to protect the innocent at all costs, but he has never faced a foe more formidable than Zladislov. And when the Commission bears down on Brooke, Mirko finds the stream of enemies runs deeper than he ever imagined.

So not too long ago I read both of the books in the Vampire Born Trilogy - and I was blown away.  What I found was a unique and fresh take on vampires.  Angeline Kace turned out to be a terrific author.  Well, now she has a trailer for Enemy Within.  Let me tell you - it is unlike all other trailers - I love it! So here we are for the reveal which means..... TA-DAAAAA!!!!!!! (do yourself a favor and watch it full screen!)

GIVEAWAY: Angeline is offering up a fantastic giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a Kindle Fire HD with an Enemy Within skin and ebooks from authors Chelsea Fine, JL Bryan, Raine Thomas, Sarah Ross, and more! The rafflecopter is below. 

Angeline is a Scorpio living in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and dogs. She loves all things paranormal, believes ghosts are real, werewolves aren't, and vampires? Definitely real! At least in the Vampire Born world they are.

She is currently at work on her first New Adult Romance, Wicked Thing, which releases September 2013.

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 Accendo Press

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  1. CYP @ A Bookalicious StoryAugust 1, 2013 at 8:18 AM

    The trailer's SO CREEPY!! I wouldn't say I love the music cause it just makes everything even creepier, which I know was the point of it. Haha great job with it! Thanks for the giveaway anyway! By the way, is it open to international readers too?

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by! Yes, it is open internationally :)

  3. looks and sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Ahhh, I love vampire novels! The trailer is INTENSE! That's a lot to look forward to! Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Everything is AWESOME. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Sounds like a great book- I'll have to go back and read number 1!

  7. Sounds great will try soon

  8. Thanks for sharing The Enemy Within and the Awesome giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

  9. I am excited to read this series, it sounds awesome and is my favorite genre! Loved the trailer - it was fabulous and super intense! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Crystal Guidroz

  10. Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  11. CYP @ A Bookalicious StoryAugust 2, 2013 at 8:54 AM

    Yay!! Haha, it's so rare for an ereader giveaway to be international! Thanks! :) To you and Angeline, hehe.

  12. I cant wait to read this series it sounds amazing.Than kyou for sharing with us and for the chance to win .Hope you have a great weekend .

  13. It is SO amazing!! I am beyond excited for the third book. I hope you get a chance to read it real soon!

  14. It's an awesome read! Good luck on the giveaway!

  15. I really loved the trailer too. It was so different than most, using actual actors and not just pictures in a slideshow. I give it an A++++++!

  16. Yes! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  17. I know, its terrific, right?!? I could watch the trailer over and over.

  18. Thanks for coming by, I appreciate it!

  19. This looks like a great series, can't wait to give it a go!


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