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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: FrankenDom by Robin L Rotham

Title: FrankenDom
Series: No
Author: Robin L Rotham
Published: April 2013, Samhain Publishing
Format: Amazon Lend

A brilliant woman, a couple of mad scientists, and an erotic experiment with shocking results…

Vascular surgeon Dr. Rachel McBride knows she’d be insane to pass up the chance to work on Julian Kilmartin’s cutting-edge research project. The reclusive neurologist has been the object of her submissive daydreams since residency, and time and distance have only strengthened the dark compulsion.

To complicate matters, a former lover who was all too aware of her attraction to Julian is also on the team. Charmingly obnoxious Dr. Colin Carter was Julian’s protégé back in the day, and nothing appears to have changed…or has it? There’s an earnestness to Colin now, an urgency she’s never before seen in him.

When she accepts the offer and travels to Eastern Europe, Rachel discovers that research is only part of her job description—and her total submission is only the beginning of the sexual excesses Julian and Colin will demand from her.

This book has been previously published.

Warning: You should assume any Robin L. Rotham book contains BDSM elements, anal play, and every possible ménage à trois permutation. Additionally, FrankenDom contains mad scientists, real dungeons, whips, chains, spanking, a variety of taboo fantasies, mild puppy play, electrical devices in uncomfortable places, humor, and an intimidating ratio of sadists to masochists.

First, let me say that the author includes a note to readers at the beginning of this book regarding safe BDSM play. I really want to applaud that. I love that she is taking responsibility for her writing and encouraging readers to do actual research, because not everything is like our favorite books.

I was surrounded by perverts, sadists and control freaks, and I loved it.

Speaking of favorite books, that is where Frankendom is. This book made my fucking favorites list with a hard smack. Do I recommend this book to readers? Hell yes I do. Whenever I read a new-to-me author, I’m a bit cautious. It could go either way. I could love them or I could hate them, or they could just underwhelm me overall. But Robin L Rotham has knocked my socks back and stole the breath from my lungs with this book.

The characters are fantastic. Rachel McBride is our heroine, and she is an awesome vascular surgeon. You get a little bit of back history with her, and you see how she knows Colin Carter and Julian Kilmartin. Rachel dated Colin for a bit, and he showed her a bit of the BDSM lifestyle. As it turns out, she is a natural, and conventional ways of loving it up just don’t do it for her. But being a sub does. All I can say is “You freaking go, girl!” I love that she recognized this in herself and encouraged it. But things end badly with her and Colin and he disappears – for five fucking years!!! Ooooh my god, I can’t even tell you how pissed that would make me. I’m not sure I would be able to look at Colin without being in a bad mood, but when Rachel does, and you get all the reasons why you can’t blame her. And Colin is there to offer her a job with him and Julian in Europe. Yep, my bags would be packed.

Colin and Julian were fabulous.  Hell, all of the characters in this book are amazing.  But the three main characters were nothing short of terrific.  They were multi-dimensional and very compelling.  Even at their worst, I found myself caring for them.

“God dammit, Rachel, yes, really! You’re mine!” he roared.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” I shouted back at him.

He took a deep breath and then said in an eerily calm tone, “You will after we’re done here today.”

You know, I read a lot of BDSM titles. I love the sex. When these people get it on and let their inhibitions loose, it’s a very erotic thing to witness. But when a lot of people who don’t read BDSM erotica probably don’t understand is that the level of emotion is usually amped up to a thousand. To trust someone, to call them Sir or Master, to even put your life in their hands at times is not something taken lightly. There is no exception in this book. There are scenes in Frankendom that will rip your heart in two, and sew it back together. I’m serious, the emotions are on high in this book and I can’t tell you how much it pleased me to the very end.

But hey, this is a BDSM erotica book, so that means there is sex, too, right? HELL YES. The sex in Frankendom is electrifying. There are some new things I had heard about, but never read about, but they were done well and with class. It was all a turn on. There are some things in here I am definitely putting on my bucket list, that’s for damn sure. There are multiple Doms, multiple subs, male on male, male on female, two males on female… flogging, caning, anal play, and oh so damn much more. I borrowed this book through Amazon lending, but you can be damn sure I am buying it.

The BDSM aspect is not the only thing going on here. You also have the whole reason they are in Europe to begin with, and that is amazing in itself. I almost dare say some readers will have more issue with that than the extremely creative and intimate sexual activity.

So yes. This book is going on my favorites list. It will be recommended and talked about for a while. So if you know me, I hope I don’t talk your ear off. Do yourself a favor and read the book, and let’s talk about it together!

(oh, and the cover – FUCKING HOT!!! )

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