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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: Melody's Wolf by Mina Carter

Title: Melody's Wolf
Series: Lyric Hounds #1, 1Night Stand #170
Author: Mina Carter
Published: May 2013, Decadent Publishing
Format: ebook provided for review

Melody's love life is in a bit of a dry spell...for the last two years. Content tracking down archaeological evidence of werewolf packs, she spends her time wearing wellingtons and covered in mud rather than looking for a date. Knowing her worried brother isn’t above arranging a kidnapping to get her to go on a date, she agrees to a match with 1Night Stand, figuring Madame Eve has to be a better matchmaker than her beloved brother.

Money, fame, looks—rock star and werewolf Aaron Rixx has it all, except the one thing that truly Yearning for a woman to see him for who he is, he lets Madame Eve make all the arrangements. No matter where he goes, as the lead singer of the world famous band, Lyric Hounds, he's always all he expects is a night of hot sex and a quiet weekend with his music.

He never anticipates Madame Eve might find the one woman on the planet who doesn't recognise him on sight...or the one he and his wolf identify instantly as their mate. Will one night be enough for him to convince Melody she's his forever?

“Chance meeting. You never know.”

This is what Melody’s brother told her after he informed her that he has set her up with 1Night Stand since her love life has been as dry as her archaeological digs. Welcome to Melody’s Wolf.

I’ve read a couple of 1Night Stand books, and I find them to be a quick and enjoyable read overall. I wasn’t let down with Melody’s Wolf by Mina Carter. Ok, first, let’s get it out of the way – the cover, OMG, the cover. Like who the hell is that model and where can I get to see more of him??? I mean, I’m drooling so much over here, I’m a bit worried about my keyboard….*wipe*

Now the story! Melody’s brother sets her up, like I said previously. A little weird? Ehhh, I don’t know. I like to think if I needed help in the romance department, one of my brothers would take some initiative. Maybe not set me up on a sexual date like Barr did for Melody, but hey, this world Mina Carter created also has werewolves living out in society (not in secret like they do now, shhhh)

“He’d expected sex. Instead Madame Eve provided his mate.”

The man Melody gets set up with is Aaron Rixx, lead singer of the band Lyric Hounds. That’s the guy on the cover. Uh-huh. Nice! But more than that, his actual character is as genuine as you would hope. He seems like a real honest guy. So when him and Melody meet up for their date, there are some definite fireworks.

“She held his gaze, feeling eveyrhing. Every hard plane of muscle. The thick length of his arousal pressed against her soft belly. He was going to fuck her. Fill her again and again with that deliciously hard cock, every inch of it. A shiver rolled from head to toes. She couldn’t wait.”

I really enjoyed the story. The heat was at a nice comfortable level, and the location was pretty awesome. The chemistry between Melody and Aaron was through the roof, for sure. Madame Eve is one crafty lady, once again creating the perfect couple in this book. This was my first Mina Carter book, and I found her writing to be smooth and easy to follow. I will definitely be picking up more of her titles in the future to read!

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