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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Excerpt & Giveaway: The Storytellers by Laura Elliott

The Storytellers
Laura Elliott

Four storytellers

One ancient demon

No way out…

Four women who call themselves The Storytellers have gathered one hot August evening to tell tales, as they have for years. But on this night, they unknowingly evoke the powers of an ancient Mayan idol that breathes real life into their stories. The Mayan idol isn’t the only ancient being awakened. A power-hungry demon is determined to see the women fail and become enslaved to him forever.

Now the women’s lives depend on surviving each other’s stories, defeating the demon and solving a centuries-old mystery.

If they survive until The End untold wealth is theirs. But some stories have a life of their own…

When I heard about this book I was instantly excited - it sounded so good!!  Luckily, I was able to get in on the tour, and I am here today with an excerpt and a giveaway for you!  And soon you will see a review for The Storytellers, because I know I just can't stay away!  Good luck on the giveaway, it looks like a good one!!

“Ben should be home any second. He’s out with the baseball team. Lamppost pizza, I think. And don’t forget to pick up Shelby from the Peterson’s in about an hour. And if she asks to sleepover at Karrie’s, the answer is yes. Anyway, I’ll be late. Very late. Here’s some money if you want to order pizza too and I’ll see you in the wee hours.”
                “Have a great night, Mrs. Ruelle.”
                “Thanks, honey. Thanks for helping out on such short notice. And…it’s Miss.”
                “Oh yeah, sorry,” Amy said, her cheeks red as a rose.
                “We single girls have to stick together,” Rebecca said with a wink. She stepped out of the house in a rush, then stopped and took a deep breath. Slow and steady. Slow and seductive. Remembering, no one ever thought sweat was sexy. Not at the beginning of the night anyway.
                She orbited her hips more than usual on her walk to the car. She strolled down the driveway, seeing Brian’s eyes sparkle a little more with her every step until she saw a man pushing a shopping cart down the sidewalk, piled high with blankets and all kinds of garbage––all of his worldly possessions. He struggled to steer it straight. Rebecca blinked and blinked again. There’d never had been a homeless person in her neighborhood before.
She got all wobbly on her higher-than-high heels. Memories of her time in the shelter ambushed her. She, Ben and baby Shelby with only the clothes on their backs and a bed at the home for abused women. It was then and there she decided she wasn’t going to let life crush her. She’d made the decision perched on the end of a cot, holding Shelby who was crying just about as hard as her mother and made a vow then and there to have enough of her own money one day she’d never ever have to depend on another soul ever again. Maybe that’s why she liked the idea of treasure so much. Like the deep-sea treasure in her story. It was all about her own discoveries and risks, not about expecting anyone else to help her find her buried treasure.
                Brian opened the passenger door. Rebecca couldn’t take her eyes off the homeless man until he’d pushed the cart past the cypress trees beyond her driveway and out of sight. She lowered herself into the car. Her slit skirt parted and exposed her thigh in a way that made Brain’s breath catch.
                Brian bent down low to kiss Rebecca on the cheek. The force of his kiss pressed her head against the headrest and her legs parted not so subtly, begging for more just as he closed the door. His aftershave lingered on her cheek. She liked the way he blended aftershaves, drinks and erotic sensibilities. She’d just discovered the fabulous world of latex when he zipped her up in a tighter-than-skin-tight dress last weekend. One of a thousand glimpses of their future life together that kept him on her mind morning, noon and night.

                “I’ve got a surprise for you, Becca,” he said.

About Laura Elliott

I love writing about enchanted road trips, cursed storytellers, shadow worlds, and alien romance while eating lots of popcorn. After twenty-plus years as a freelance graphic designer/animator with clients including E! Entertainment Television and The Los Angeles Times, I left the real world behind and followed my heart into the world of fiction. Little known fun facts––I can’t kill a spider but would gladly kill the tomato-plant eating gophers in my yard if I could get my hands on them, I wouldn’t mind dying in a vat of salted carmel ice
cream from Portland’s Salt & Straw, next on my dream list is a trip to Indonesia, I daydream of doing stand-up comedy when I’m not completely terrified of it.