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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Carnal Compromise by Robin L Rotham

Title: Carnal Compromise
Series: Carnal #2
Author: Robin L Rotham
Published: 2012 Samhain
Format: Amazon ebook

When you’re down on the farm, things are bound to get dirty!

Joe Remke has just one qualification for his lovers—he wants them gone before sunrise, which makes his new bunkmate AJ about as safe as a woman can be around him. It also makes his determination to sleep with his boss downright stupid, because if Brent ever gives in, he’ll be looking for a new job.

Ladies’ man Brent Andersen knows sex with his right-hand man Joe is inevitable, but he’s not going down without a fight. Putting the new female hired hand in their cramped RV was a stroke of genius, taking the heat off him while protecting her from the horny guys on his custom farming crew.

AJ Pender’s hard-bodied roomies may hide their feelings for each other from the rest of the crew, but they aren’t fooling her—Brent and Joe are hot for each other, and it’s all she can do not to cry at the thought. If they ever found out she fantasizes about being the meat in their farmer sandwich, they’d probably die laughing.

Fortunately for Brent and Joe, fantasies have a way of revealing themselves and AJ’s are right up their alley. But even threesomes have their risks, and AJ can serve as a buffer for only so long before the tension between them explodes.

Warning: Flying BOBs ahead—and that’s just the warm-up! Strap yourself in for a wild ride complete with ménage, m/m, and a voyeuristic f/f scene hot enough to make three grown men beg for mercy.

Oh my freaking goodness. If FrankenDom made me a fan of Robin L Rotham, then Carnal Compromise made me a fangirl. Carnal Compromise was beyond scorching in its heat, touching in its emotion, and it made me crave to be in this farming world that Robin has created for these characters.

The storyline is about three people; AJ, Joe, and Brent. Brent owns a farming company, and Joe and AJ work for him, along with a couple others. Actually, the three of them share a trailer together. And while this started out as something innocent, the way it ended up is definitely not. See, all three of these people are lusting for each other. Some know, some don’t. It’s one great big lusty triangle of angst and well… lust. Lust to the umpteenth power. I mean, if you could bottle the sexual tension between these three you could probably produce enough electricity to run a small country.

AJ is the female of the trio, and it’s a secret what those initials stand for. Don’t worry, you’ll find out. Anyways, she is a strong willed young woman who was raised around farming. Making her way in an industry dominated by men isn’t easy, and it only speaks to her fortitude. I loved her. She is a little naïve, but she doesn’t let that hold her back. She is a full force ahead type of woman. When AJ gets some help from another character to feel a bit more feminine and happy about herself I damn near cried because I was so happy that she was getting the things she needed to be the best AJ she could be. She had to learn to love herself for what she is, and this other character was an instrumental part, I think.

As for Joe, he is definitely the Alpha of the group. Well, for the most part anyway. There are times when that gets switched up for one reason or another. He is a bit of a player with a secret past. Near the beginning of the book he does something that got me so mad at him I could have thrown my kindle. My only hope was that it was for an unknown reason and he really didn’t want to act that way. He was acting so damn callous, I just hurt for the other characters involved in the scene.

Brent is the bossman. He really is a sweet and endearing man, and I love the evolution of his character throughout this story. At the beginning he was questioning his sexuality, even though in his heart he knew. But he was a solid rock to those he cared about throughout the whole thing. His constant support and his will to have the life he wants made his character probably my favorite.

And let’s talk about the sex. OH.MY.GOD. Male on male, male on female, female on female, twosomes, threesomes, oh my! There was a lot of exploration in this book, and it was so damned hot. It was high quality on top of high quantity, and if you want to read something that drips from the pages, this is the book to read. Every sex scene was awesome, there wasn’t a single one that just made me go “ehhh”. Nope, they were all beyond terrific. And so freaking hot. And sexy. And I had quotes to share with you, but then when I was looking over them for the review, I realized they were all spoilers. So no quotes for you!!

So Robin L Rotham did it to me again. Complex characters and a highly emotional read, packed on to some of the hottest sex I’ve ever seen. Seriously – this book had one of the hottest and sexiest blow jobs I’ve ever read about, and it was between two men. This woman knows how to lay the words down. I connected to these characters time and again. When they hurt, I hurt. And when they were happy, damnit, so was I. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this book. So read it!!

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