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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Don't Let Go by Skye Warren

Title: Don't Let Go
Series: Dark Erotica #4
Author: Skye Warren
Published: November 11, 2013
Format: Ebook provided for review

Junior FBI Agent Samantha Holmes is assigned the case of a lifetime, along with an enigmatic new partner, Ian Hennessy. She's determined to prove herself to the bureau legend, but late nights and stolen moments lead to more than respect. They lead to desire, and soon she's fallen for the one man forbidden.

Together they hunt for the FBI's most wanted man. A criminal. A psychopath. But when they get close, Samantha may end up prey instead. She must face her dark past to stay alive--and to protect the man she loves.

Don't Let Go is a dark erotic novel that contains dubious consent and captivity. Not intended for those under eighteen or those uncomfortable with the subject matter.

Don’t Let Go by Skye Warren has blown me away. Skye’s ability to make me feel like I am part of this dramatic, dark, and twisted story is so fucking fantastic I can only sit here and beg for more.

Don’t Let Go is the story of Samantha, who is pretty much a nobody with the FBI. Her boss, Agent Brody, has just changed her life in a matter of seconds and put her on the biggest case in the country with one of the toughest agents in the country – Ian Hennessy. The case? Carlos Laguardia. Oh yeah, if you are a fan of Skye Warren, you know exactly who Carlos is. We really got to know him back in book two, Trust In Me, when he was ruthlessly shoving his cock down Mia’s throat, and keeping her very captive. You got to see exactly how bad of a guy Carlos is, and even though you might have felt a bit Stockholm-y of him, too, you knew he was the big bad. So now Samantha and Ian are on the case.

“I’d only ever wanted to be normal, prayed for it, but it had always been too late for me. While other children had backed away from white vans, I’d looked at them with longing. I wanted to be special enough to be taken. I wanted to matter that much.”

So Samantha has had a fucked up childhood. As it turns out, her single dad was one of the worst when it came to bad guys. Rape, murder, beatings… you name it. With children. It’s really messed with Sam’s head, and you can see in the way she thinks about things that something isn’t quite adding up to “well adjusted young woman”. But hey, we all have quirks, right? That’s how good this story is, because even though you know what Sam is thinking and feeling about all of these different things, you still like her. You still want the best for her. And in some small, dark way, you want to be her.

And when Sam meets Ian there are some definite sparks. And I’m all like “hell yeah!!!” The very first touch between them, a handshake, brings out this chemical reaction that is just tangible. And from that moment on, I’m counting down til something happens with them. Ian is a tough guy. He’s determined to bring down Carlos, and he’s none to thrilled about having the rookie being his partner. It’s hard to get a read on him, but I still like him. I mean, I can understand his point of view. But Sam is no ordinary rookie, and he will find out. She stands up to him, she shows him that she is smart, and that she pays attention. And I love every fucking minute of it.

“He cupped my face, his eyes searching mine. I felt infinitely delicate when he held me like this, as if I were made of porcelain and spun gold instead of flesh and blood. As if I mightbreak. His thumb ran along my cheek, softly, gently, the callused pad of his thumb catching my skin, tugging it, abrading it, sandpaper against silk.

He leaned toward me, and this time our kiss was slow, like the long incline of a warm beach with lazy waves, with languid caresses of his mouth on mine. His tongue nudged my lips, and I opened for him. Relaxed against him, submitting myself to the sweet torture of an unhurried kiss.”

Yes, there is heat in this book. There is raw, sexual, needy heat. And it is divine in every syllable you read. It’s fueled by the adrenalin of the hunt for a worldwide criminal, and supported by this superior electricity between the two characters. I can’t say enough things about the sex and tension in this book.

And while all of this is going on, you don’t even realize what’s happening. You don’t realize that Skye is about to throw a grenade at you and change everything. But she does it, damn it. She does it and it worked out so well – and I CAN’T TELL YOU!!! Gah!!!! I know, it’s killing me! But you really have to read for yourself and see what all of these plot twists are about. Because trust me, if you are a fan of dark erotica, this is definitely the fucking book for you.

And one more quote, because this one just killed me and then killed me again. Sublime happiness here, folks. Read the fucking book.  But read Trust in Me first.

“Is that all I am to you?” I whispered. “A piece of flesh? Of meat?”

“Yes, “ He said, and the conviction in his voice didn’t allow it to be an insult. “You’re the meat when I’ve been fucking starving my whole life, so fucking accept it. You’re mine.
Mine. Got it?”

Fictional Candy

(I'd totally give this more than 5 stars if I could!!!)