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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: WitchHunt by Emma Mills

Title: WitchHunt
Series: WitchBlood #4
Author: Emma Mills
Published: November 2013
Format; Ebook provided for review

I know it’s selfish, but I don’t want you to go,’ Daniel said, a couple of minutes later.
I looked at him and smiled.
‘I’ll be fine, I will.’
‘You’d better be. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Those months I stupidly spent apart from you… they were torment for me,’ he said.
‘They were torment for me too.’

As the Christmas season is ripped apart by the news that Jess’ old friend Alex has been turned into a vicious killer, festivities are dropped, Jess returns to England and the hunt begins. But Alex isn’t the only one being hunted, for Mary has found a way to extinguish the entire bloodline of Malden witches, and it is Jess’s book of shadows that’s the key. As things hot up, Jess finds she must leave Daniel and the safety of Manchester in a final hunt for her nemesis, Mary. In a fight-off that only one of them can survive, loved ones will fall… daemons will rise… but who will survive?

Well here we are, the last book in the series. I’ve been lucky enough to read every book so far, and it’s been a hell of a ride. WitchHunt does not disappoint, that’s for sure. Emma Mills has definitely kept up her steady pace of action, drama and mystery to pack a final punch in the world of vampire-witch bybrid, Jess.

In this final book we saw the return of the main characters. Jess, of course, and Daniel and Eva. But also Brittany and the coven from the States. The angels were included too, along with meeting some new ones. Mary, Cole’s sister, is back too – and she is pissed off in a big way. Since the majority of these characters have been with us virtually the whole way, I won’t go over them again. But I definitely love them, and I feel like they have really grown over the last four books. The actual time table for the story is under a year, but so much has happened it really feels like more.

One thing I like about this series is that in each book there are multiple big things that happen. It’s not all just leading up to one climax and then its over, but rather a veritable rollercoaster. WitchHunt is a fun trip, and it definitely had more than its fair share of nail biting moments. There are some instances where I wish that the story went a little bit more in depth, a little more detailed. I felt like some of the very awesome action scenes were a bit rushed through. I did have to go back a couple times and read a page over to make sure of what has really happened in the story.

Jess and Daniel really get quite closer in WitchHunt and I was super excited for it. I really love them as a couple, and I was glad that this book did not really focus so much on any struggle between them. If you are looking for heat, it’s not really there. Their behind the doors love is behind the doors. However, there are some definite sensual moments leading up to the hidden moments.

Overall there was a lot happening in this book, it’s one thing right after another. But everything flowed together and it was an exciting book to read. I think if you enjoy YA paranormal, then this is definitely a good book. WitchHunt had a bit more gore, I think, than the others in the series. It even had a few more 18+type situations. But hey, Jess is getting older and I think it’s great that the series has grown with her. So if you were to ask me if I recommend this series, it would be a definite yes. It’s definitely one to start with the first book though, don’t jump in mid-series.

So how about you? Have you already read any of this series? What did you think?

Emma is one of the new wave of successful indie authors. Her first YA novel, ‘Witchblood’, has been nominated for the CYBILS (Children & Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards) and has also been in the Top Ten Kindle Download Charts for its genre. Since January 2012 she has gone on to publish ‘WitchCraft’ and ‘WitchLove’ which have respectively hit the top ten charts and have sold 20,000 copies in their first year. She is currently relocating her family from Manchester to Somerset, and is a stay-at-home mum to her two children. WitchHunt is the fourth and final book in the series.

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