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Monday, December 9, 2013

Quote-Tastic - For Real by Chelsea Cameron

I haven't done a Quote-Tastic in a while, and I thought today would be a perfect day to get back on board with it, so happy Monday, here I am!

Join us every Monday and share a favorite quote that's grabbed ya for one reason or another. Everyone's welcome to join in. Authors, bloggers, readers. The more the merrier! Just grab the button and toss up your post :) Don't have a blog? No worries, just leave your favorites in the comment section.

Today I chose to quote a book I also have up for review, so you can reach that review by clicking the book cover - cool? For Real was just such a fun read, it had so many quotable parts, I just had to share it with you.  You can even see more quotes on my review!

Jett shifts again, and his shoulder brushes mine and he moves a fraction closer to me as I try not to freak out. It’s only an inch closer and our shoulders have barely brushed. Nothing to make a big deal out of. I’ve touched boy’s shoulders before. I’ve had plenty of shoulder-touching experience. I’m not a shoulder virgin.

But wait, I have another!!! 
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Jett licked my face. I never thought someone licking my face would be anything but nasty, but Jett turned everything sexy. Like he was a wizard and could transform anything and sexify it. Wizard of Sexy. With his magic… wand. Thinking about Jett’s magic wand causes me to start giggling and I turn the water on in the sink just so he won’t hear me.

I think I’m losing it.