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Friday, December 6, 2013

Review - The Inheritance - Part Two by Olivia Mayfield

Title: The Inheritance
Series: Part Two
Author: Olivia Mayfield

As The Inheritance continues, Maggie realizes that when it comes to her grandfather’s will, no one can be trusted. No matter how tempting their offers are…

The Inheritance, Part II
The Witness

Maggie is wary of the other contestants in her grandfather’s game; even her own brother is acting too strange to be relied on. But after a surprisingly sincere conversation with Andrew about their past, Maggie agrees to his offer to team up in the search for the truth about Cassandra. It’s better to keep him close and find out if he’s as honest as he seems. Plus, maybe time in close quarters will force her to let go of her troublesome crush on him.

But when Maggie gets a call from Cassandra’s old high school friend, who claims to have information about the disappearance that he doesn’t want to share with the others, she decides to keep her rendezvous with him a secret—even from her newfound partner…

I am so glad I’ve been able to pick up this serial series to read! I’ve just finished the second installment of The Inheritance, and already the mystery is shaping up to be something amazing.

In this installment Maggie is still trying to track down what happened to her sister, Cassandra, who went missing years ago. Is she missing or is she dead? No one knows what happened. But now, Maggie’s grandfather has passed away, and he left a bit of a challenge in his will. The first person out of a certain group of people to discover the truth will inherit his entire estate.

Let me tell you – Olivia Mayfield has done a great job with this book. I don’t know who to trust, and I keep changing my suspicions based on different motivations. And now, at the end of book one, someone broke into Maggie’s house and stole her notes on the case.

The book takes place in a small town where everyone knows everyone, and everyone is in everyone’s business – and it completely adds to the whole feel of the story. Everyone knew Cassandra, and the news of her disappearance spread like a wildfire.

I don’t really want to voice my suspicions here, and ruin or lead you in what could possibly even be a wrong direction. But there are several people I really don’t like! But conversely, there are a couple people that I am really warming up to, and I hope they are the “good guys”. Add on top of that that Maggie is having creepy as hell dreams about her sister. Do they hold a clue that her conscious brain isn’t seeing? And then something else happens in this book – another crime! A major crime!!

I can’t wait to get on to book 3 and get to the bottom of this. There are 6 parts altogether, so while I’m still a ways from the end, I’m getting closer!

The Inheritance
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