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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Jams - Feel So Close (Calvin Harris)

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So Sharonda at Salacious Reads created this meme to have some fun with music.  Got a song stuck in your head?  Got a favorite you want to share?  Grab the graphic, go to youtube, and share!

Today I chose Feel So Close from Calvin Harris.  No reason, I just love it.  It was between this song and Gnarls Barkley, and Calvin won out :)  It makes me boogie in my seat (cause I am usually in the car or at work when I hear it...)


  1. This is the only song I know, but I jam like a rock star every time :)

  2. you do the rock star too? I wish I could do that move :D

  3. There is a move called the rock star? I must learn this. I'm pretty sure in my previous life I was one. I mean, I can't sing or dance, but I sure can give a show LOL

  4. yup! I'm still trying to learn it :)

    lols..I can't a little I can...don't know about putting on a show. I'll probably need a couple of drinks in me before I do that, lmbo!


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